Tim Moore foe launches a NC state Senate run

NC House Speaker Tim Moore had a guest-starring role in his recent divorce proceedings. Now, Scott Lassiter is looking to go to work in the building Moore is abandoning for sleazier pastures. 

Lassiter – a school principal, former Apex town councilman and current Wake Soil & Water supervisor –  is setting his sights on the GOP nomination for the North Carolina Senate’s Wake County-based 13th district:

[…] Lassiter has already been successfully fundraising and shoring up supporters across his district and the state. He noted, “After the legislature ratified new maps this afternoon, the opportunity presented itself for me to run in an open seat to represent a portion of the county that either myself or a member of my immediate family has called home for over 65 consecutive years. No one will be more committed to supporting good governance than me.”[…]

Lassiter points to his unique background by saying, “The fact is there is a lack of public education experience and knowledge in the General Assembly. As a practicing public school administrator at a school specially designed to support at-risk students, no one on Jones Street has the unique perspective, education, or experiences that I will bring to the discussion. I am ready to serve. I’m ready to do what it takes to make our schools the pride of the nation.”[…]