Time for a Truth Bomb, eh?

THIS has been floating around social media today. (*SNIFF*!  I do believe someone is trying to blow smoke up my posterior!)

Gee, where do I start?

“Citizen Governor” ???   Mark Robinson has been lieutenant governor of this state since 2020. Every day, he’s had armed state troopers following him around, carrying his briefcase and helping him remove and put on his coat.  They also drive him to and from work in Raleigh and his Greensboro-area home every day in a state car.

“Weak Leadership” ???  Since 2020, Mark Robinson has been president of the state senate — the second-ranking official in North Carolina state government.  Is he calling himself weak?  Robinson has also been endorsed by House speaker Tim Moore and  senate president pro tem Phil Berger — the two guys who arguably call all the shots in Raleigh.  Is he calling THEM weak?

“Bad policy” ???   Moore and Berger and the rest of their cronies have been bending over backwards telling us what a great job they’ve done for the GOP and for conservative values during these past few years. Are they not telling us the truth?

Mark Robinson has been the president of the state senate — #2 ranking state official — since 2020.  What, if anything, has he said or done to try and derail some of this, um, “bad policy”? (I DO remember him coming out against casinos AFTER legislative leaders declared them dead-in-the-water.)

“Understand[ing] the struggles of working class people firsthand” ???    Let’s see.  Robinson struggled as a fast food restaurant management trainee and as a daycare center worker.  (He and his wife Yolanda Hill currently make a combined yearly salary of approximately $350,000 per yearevery dollar coming from the taxpayers.)

Fellow Republican Bill Graham worked in a textile mill before going onto school and establishing a successful law practice.

Fellow Republican Dale Folwell worked as a garbage man and a motorcycle mechanic before completing school and becoming a successful money manager.  Folwell has also served the people of Forsyth County on their county board of education and in the NC House.  He’s served the people of North Carolina as their state treasurer for the past eight years.

To be fair to Graham and Folwell, I don’t believe they’ve incurred the bankruptcies, evictions, bad debts, and bad check charges Mark Robinson has.  (Then, again, I don’t think there are many North Carolinians who can match or beat the Robinson record.)

In regard to the first sentence of Robinson’s social media posting — it’s great that ANYONE who has not been convicted of a felony, and meets the age requirement, can file for governor of our great state.  Hopefully, we haven’t reached the point yet where just ANYBODY can get ELECTED.