‘Bumpin’ uglies’ in the parking lot ??? (Welcome to Moore County.)

Our local paper here has titilated us with allegations of ‘contempt of court’ directed at Moore County Clerk of Superior Court Todd Maness by District Court Judge Beth Tanner.  Much of the “contempt of court” discussion has appears to focus mostly on Judge Tanner’s feelings about communication and information between Maness, his staff, and herself.   Former Clerk of Court Susan Hicks – who backed Maness’s last primary opponent — and recently retired Superior Court Judge James Webb have also sounded off on the matter.  Both have been critical of Maness in the dispute with Judge Tanner.

Maness has said little on the matter, publicly, until Wednesday of this week.  Around 4PM on Wednesday, attorneys representing Maness filed a civil lawsuit in Moore County against Judge Tanner AND former Judge Webb.  Some of the details in the Maness filing are more eye-popping and hair-raising than ANYTHING you might encounter on your HBO / CINEMAX or Netflix streaming services:








The Maness filing lays out a total of FOUR Claims for Relief against the defendants:

  • Abuse of Process
  • Slander Per Se
  • Intentional / Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress
  • Civil Conspiracy


The complete Maness filing is available HERE.