Jim Perry a YES, then a NO on filing for reelection

We saw a 180-degree maneuver from congressman Patrick McHenry regarding reelection.  Then, we get something similar from state senate majority whip Jim Perry.

A Kinston news site reported on November 29 that Perry was coming back to Raleigh for two more years:

[…] “Serving the people of Eastern North Carolina in the state Senate has been among the highest honors in my life,” said Perry, “Recently, I was both humbled and thrilled to lead the effort to secure $350 million of funding to support FRC East and the over 4,000 jobs it currently represents. Economic prosperity does not stop at imaginary county lines. This effort allows us to support MCAS Cherry Point and a multi county economic footprint in eastern NC. This Senate seat belongs to the people of Craven, Beaufort and Lenoir Counties. The people of eastern NC have made it clear they value effective representation, not speeches from someone seeking personal attention. I would be honored to continue serving the people and working to make our state the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”

The new Senate District 2 remains exactly as it did for the 2023 and 2024 Legislative Session, encompassing all of Craven, Beaufort and Lenoir County.[….]

Then we got this on December 15 from a New Bern news site:

[…] In a news release on Friday, Perry said, “our life situations can change in an instant, and I finally reached the conclusion that I would not be able to make the time commitment necessary to be an effective Senator if I served an additional term. Time is a precious commodity, and we are each only given a finite amount. I have worked hard to support the people of eastern NC during my three terms in the North Carolina Senate. I am entering a season of life where I will need more time to support those closest to me. Some members of our community are aware that I was recently injured in a hunting accident; however, I want to assure my friends that my personal health is fine. I am healing nicely, and the incident is not the basis for my decision. We will continue to focus on constituent services and completing remaining tasks in the short session.”

Perry went on to say, “ultimately, I intend to return to the private sector, once my schedule will allow me to do so.[…]

The state filing period ran from December 4 to December 15.