Campaign ’24: The Pee Wee – for – Timmy trade

Word emerged this week that our littlest congressman would be calling it quits on the fun-and-games in Washington.  (This came as quite a shock, I’m sure, to folks who read his reelection announcement at October’s end.)

Now, why would somebody like lil’ Patrick give up on a grift that has been soooooo berry berry good to him?  There had been talk — recently confirmed – that Kevin McCarthy was calling it quits.

McHenry had long been a protégè of congressman Steve Scalise.  Then, word leaked out that McHenry had apparently been working with McCarthy to sabotage the campaign of everyone – including Scalise – that had tried to replace McCarthy following his unceremonious ouster.  Things were quite likely to be cold and unpleasant for lil’ Patrick going forward. (WORD IS that folks don’t appreciate the whole knives in their back kind of thing.)

Soon after McHenry’s retirement announcement, businessman Pat Harrigan announced he was abandoning his primary fight with Speaker Timmy in the 14th congressional district and jumping into the nearby and now-open 10th district.

Harrigan’s move removes the last bit of significant opposition to Timmy’s march on Washington.  *The tubby little guy from Kings Mountain is taking his, um, “game” to the BIG LEAGUES, folks. *

It’s been more than amusing to watch the Raleigh Republicans fall all over themselves to make us believe Timmy IS a conservative.  That AI-generated oft-yammering cartoon character “Dallas” has even been dispatched into that scrum.

Anything that could remotely be described as “conservative” that emerged from the General Assembly came about as a result of intense grassroots pressure on the honorables.  Said pressure made the “honorables,” for once, more scared of the voters back home than they were of Timmy and his minions.   An awful lot of stuff conservatives are now cheering would neeeeeeeeeever have happened if Speaker Timmy had his druthers.  

NC Innovationgovernment partnering physically and financially with business – is NOT conservative.   Cobbling a budget together in secret with a handful of like-minded operatives is neither transparent nor ethical nor conservative.  Expanding Medicaid IS NOT conservative.  When the tax burden on average North Carolinians is as high as it was when Democrats last controlled the General Assembly, nothing conservative has been going on.

Tim Moore is following the Thom Tillis template – run for a job in DC while serving as speaker.  Hand out funds and favors while campaigning.  Hey, it worked for one grifter.  Why not another one?