Campaign ’24: “You talkin’ to ME ???”

Mark Robinson’s campaign staff has done yeoman’s work in keeping their guy below radar and away from cameras and microphones.  Somehow, the big guy found an audience – and a few cameras and mikes – the other night, and the rest is HISTORY:

Okay.  This rant evoked a few questions for me.

  1. WHO has been whipping his back?   This sounds like a lot of the ‘victim’ crap we hear from the political left and the black tokens they haul out every election year.  Robinson and his wife — Yolanda Hill – are (thanks to the taxpayers) together making  roughly $350,000 each year.  THAT is just brutal, eh?*It’s like Kunta Kinte, the plantation, and Django Unchained all rolled into one, huh?*

    I’ve seen a lot of criticism of Robinson — mostly from my site.  But it’s all based on documents — many of which are signed by him or his wife – and other public records.  He may not like what the record shows, but it is the truth.  He owes it to the people he hopes to represent for the next four to eight years to be truthful, open, and honest.

    Does this mean any and all of his current and future critics are going to have to play the Prove-You’re-Not-A-Racist game?  I’m not playing that game, and neither should anyone else.  What little criticism he’s getting is par for the course in running for office.  I’ve seen white guys get hit harder than this guy has been so far.

  2. Where has he been going to Sunday School?   I haven’t seen a thing in my Bible talking about how Jesus is coming back to seek vengeance upon Mark Robinson’s critics.  In fact, I understand that Jesus is NOT in the vengeance business at all.

  3. Who are OUR enemies?  People who haven’t yet donated to the campaign?  People who haven’t bought your book?  People who are not registered Republicans?  We need some clarification there.    According to the voter registration numbers for the state, you can’t win the governorship with JUST people from YOUR party.

  4. HOW is this not an incitement to violence?  One could make the case he’s suggesting violence is appropriate to be directed to people who make him uncomfortable or ask uncomfortable questions.
  5. Will continuing to ask questions about your business practices  and apparent ethical lapses  qualify me for a visit from Jesus and his white horse?

East Carolina has just released a new poll.  It shows 34% for Robinson, 8% for Bill Graham, and 7% for Dale Folwell.  The BIGGEST number?  49 percent undecided. 

Robinson had been floating in the low 40s.  The undecided had been in the low 40s.  It looks like Robinson’s number is down, while undecided is growing.  That tells me there is some buyer’s remorse out there in the GOP primary field.  People are holding out and looking around for something that might be better.  In other words, this race is wide freakin’ open.  

Right now, Robinson is not strong enough to convincingly and credibly carry the party standard into the November battle.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell many of you what a weak ticket-topper does to folks running on lower parts of the party’s ticket.

Due Diligence.  Use the same level of care you would in buying a house or other property.  The economy and the rest of our life as we know it is about to go all topsy-turvy.  The decisions we make over the next few election cycles are way too important to allow things to be handed off willy-nilly to a sideshow performer.