Matt Gaetz snitches on Pat McHenry

While the political establishment in Raleigh and the drive-by media have been fawning over temporary speaker Patrick “Pee Wee” McHenry,  congressman Matt Gaetz has been telling on our very own little bow-tied guy.

As you know, there has been a bit of drama over replacing ousted House speaker Kevin McCarthy.  Candidate after candidate has stepped forward, but then mysteriously dropped out.  Finally, they appear to have settled on a pretty good choice, Mike Johnson of Louisiana.

But Mr. Gaetz of Florida has opened up the door to the smoke-filled backrooms and let us in on what Patrick McHenry and the rest of McCarthy’s little elves were up to while all this was happening:

“[…] It was actually McCarthy who was working to knife Scalise.  It was actually McCarthy who was working to knife Jim Jordan.  It was McCarthy working to knife everyone. And he hadn’t yet figured out a way to knife Mike Johnson. […]”

According to Gaetz, Johnson was second-place finisher to Tom Emmer, the last candidate to drop out of the running. He said McCarthy & co. were caught off guard by someone’s suggestion to take a trial vote on Johnson, the runner-up.  That’s where things got even more interesting:

”[…] And so he was worried that there was going to be this great unifying moment, and he scuttled the unifying moment. […]

McCarthy objected to the trial vote on Johnson, according to Gaetz:

“[…] So, because of McCarthy’s objection, we had to have this three hour delay. And you know, candidates announce, and then have candidate forums. […]

And guess what happened during that delay, Steve? Patrick McHenry ran to the House floor, opens it up out of recess, and then adjourns it until noon today. Now, why would he do that?

Because they were setting up a play to block Mike Johnson with write-in votes in the intra-conference process FOR Kevin McCarthy. [….]”

*Sooo — it sounds like Speaker Johnson will not be accepting glute-smooches from our little bow-tied guy anytime soon. *

All of you folks in the 10th district who believe Patrick McHenry is “fighting” for you need your heads examined.  McHenry is in DC to collect all the cash he can from whomever he can and to protect the crowd there that helps him do that.

You people back home are an annoyance.  Sure, he’s got minions working on expediting your government checks. If you can’t afford a BIG check to him, you can do the next best thing by showing up with a vote every two years and basically leaving him alone. THIS is the best gig he could ever hope to land.  (*Just imagine if the little guy had to go hunt down a real job right out of college.*)

McHenry is regularly scored as the most liberal Republican that North Carolina sends to DC.  His actions there don’t reflect the actual attitudes and beliefs of his terribly confused voters. His work FOR McCarthy was more intensive and extensive than anything he’d ever consider doing for us down here.