Team Berger ratchets up its war on Mike Causey

Every day we’re hearing about power being snatched from this state entity or that one and being placed in the hands of the General Assembly.  Speaker Timmy is leaving after this session.  So, these moves clearly are to the benefit of senate president pro tem Phil Berger and his entourage.

They’ve snatched zoning authority away from communities in Dare and Guilford counties.  A whole bunch of appointments have been snatched from the governor.  (At some point, there WILL BE a Democrat legislature and a GOP governor, folks.) 

The Senate is continuing to bang away at the Department of Insurance, currently run by Republican commissioner Mike Causey.  Many might not realize that the office, historically, has had a lot of say in fire safety and building inspection issues.  (Blueprints for school construction, for instance, have to pass through the DOI.)

Some earlier legislation snatched Causey’s responsibilities as fire marshal away from him.  Now, with the passage of SB409 this week, Causey has been stripped of any influence over fire safety, fire departments, or building inspection.  Oh, he still has to pay for those operations and provide office space for them.  But those folks don’t have to listen to him anymore.

You know, it actually makes sense having fire safety issues, construction quality, and insurance all under the same roof.  But WHEN has “sense” ever made a difference in our fair capital city? 

Why, you ask, are elected Republicans — including Moore County’s very own senator Tom McInnis — targeting a fellow Republican who was elected statewide?  Pacifying an annoyed, significant financial contributor may be part of it.

Another could be Causey’s relentless refusal to participate in Raleigh’s Grand Grift. A special interest tried to bribe Causey.  He told the FBI and agreed to wear a wire.  Causey also committed the unpardonable offense of daring to expose and oppose an oh-so-special sweetheart deal for BIGTIME financial donor Blue Cross NC.

Mike Causey speaks out about wrong when he sees it.  And the rest of the gang in Raleigh H-A-T-E him for it.  Causey is about public service.  Most of the rest of them are there for THE GRIFT – aka “cold hard cash.”

There’s been nothing conservative about this veto-proof majority on Jones Street.  Spending has ballooned.  Corruption has, as well. Consolidating power is actually authoritarian, not conservative.  (Conservatives honestly want to shrink government.)

Proximity to large sums of cash corrupts absolutely. Big government begets a lot of regulation opportunities which beget lobbying opportunities.  Lobbying opportunities beget cash transfer opportunities.

That proximity stunk up Raleigh in the Black-Basnight era.  And it’s doing it now.