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#hayesscandal: Mike Causey is a hero and a role model.

  If you’re thinking about entering public service, take a good hard look at Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey as an example of someone to emulate.    Someone apparently came to him with a scheme that sounded unethical and possibly illegal.   He could have said “No…

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Report: NCGOP chairman Hayes on FBI surveillance tape

My mama always told me that if you’re attending gatherings the FBI is interested in recording, you probably need to find some new friends.  We told you earlier about Mike Causey wearing a wire for the FBI.  It looks like he stumbled across Robin Hayes…

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#ncpol: Catching up with Mr. Causey

Mike Causey is truly the embodiment of that old fable about the tortoise and the hare.  You know — slow and steady wins the race.  Causey, a Guilford County Republican, it seems, has been running for something for about 30 years.  Most of those campaigns…

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Bullying Mr. Causey

Mike Causey might be needing a safe space really soon.   He was one of the big reasons Republicans had to celebrate last month.  After years and years of perseverance, Republican Causey knocked off an incumbent Democrat state insurance commissioner. Causey campaigned on some pretty…

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#ncpol: Out-of-state GOPers, scandal-tained Dem coming to raise $$$$ for Wayne Goodwin

It’s always interesting to see what pops up in my mail: Let’s take a look at the sponsors of this little soiree.  Jim Donelson is a Republican.   John Doak is a Republican.   Barry Goldwater, Jr. is: (1) son of the conservative legend, (2) a…

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NC Campaign 2012: things getting a little testy in the insurance commissioner race

I never imagined that we’d be dealing with mud-slinging and controversy in the race for NC Insurance Commissioner. Right out of the general election starting gate, incumbent Democrat Wayne Goodwin is firing off campaign finance complaints against his GOP challenger Mike Causey.  Current polling shows…

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NC campaign 2012: Mike Causey on ObamaCare ruling, campaign trail gossip

    I caught up with Mike Causey, Republican candidate for commissioner of insurance, while he was on his way to a speaking engagement DownEast in the big city of Washington (NC, that is). Causey faces Richard Morgan in the July 17th GOP runoff election….

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Morgan vs. Causey: A Tale of Two campaign finance reports

        The North Carolina Insurance Law blog does a great job of giving us the story behind the numbers in the GOP runoff for NC commissioner of insurance: The May 8 primary pitting Republican candidates Richard Morgan, Mike Causey, and James McCall…

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Facebook: the new battleground for GOP nod in Insurance Commissioner race

  I know it’s tough to evaluate candidates for down-ballot races.  Sure, it’s pretty easy to separate the wheat from the chaff in the governor and presidential fields.  But when you get down to the judicial races and the council of state races, what is…

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Meet Mike Causey (R), candidate for NC Insurance Commissioner

  When you first meet Mike Causey, the Greensboro Republican strikes you as way too nice of a guy to be a player in hard-nosed big-time statewide politics. He presents quite a contrast to Richard Morgan —  his opponent in the July 17th GOP runoff…