Tim Moore: Unacceptable

It looks like another one of my bleak predictions is coming true.  The last vestiges of conservatism are being stomped out of our state’s congressional delegation.  Congressman Dan Bishop — our last hope in DC — has been persuaded to bail out and head back to Raleigh.  It looked like we might get some relief in the form of a Mark Harris candidacy to replace him.  But the Raleigh kleptocracy has loaded up the 8th’s primary with stooges and gone into overdrive in an attempt to ensure one of their own crosses the finish line FIRST. 

Where we had a real chance to make a difference was the 14th district.  Incumbent Dem Jeff Jackson and his horrid voting record were on the ropes — forcing Jackson into the state attorney general’s race.  So, as expected, the NCGOP has taken an opportunity to replace a horrid voting record with an overall horrid person. 

The field has been cleared in the now bright-red 14th congressional district to basically roll out the red carpet to DC for one Timothy Moore of Kings Mountain.  Yes, Speaker Timmy is set to join his mentor and hero ThomT in that brightly-lit, big-city on The Potomac.  (*A call-up to the Grift Big leagues, one might suggest.*) 

The tubby little guy is following Thom’s 2014 template — using his power as state House speaker to dole out taxpayer-funded goodies and essentially purchase his way to DC using our wallets.

Short of an indictment and / or an arrest, there doesn’t appear to be much out there to stop what looks unfortunately very inevitable.

You folks out there in western North Carolina have done a real disservice to the rest of us — saddling us with the nauseating likes of Jason Saine, Kelly Hastings, Patrick McHenry, and Tim Moore.  A crew of guys who couldn’t make it in the real world — advancing themselves and their cronies on our dime every step of the way.

if you’re sitting there right now, determined to reward Tim Moore for being some kind of saint and selfless public servant with a two year or more stay in DC — take a moment to consider this cursory review of the Tim Moore era at the top of the food chain in Raleigh.

The beginning.  

Raleigh is currently full of talk about a despotic House speaker being replaced with a more reasonable, more user-friendly House Rules chairman.  The same was being said in 2014 as ThomT was on his way out of town and Tim Moore was on his way up.  One of the biggest planks of speaker candidate Moore’s platform?  More openness and transparency in the House.  Considering more POVs within the GOP caucus and the House overall.  (*How has that worked out?*)

Lest we all forget, Moore led a delegation of RINOs to campaign for an incumbent RINO being primaried by an upstart named Destin Hall. 

The ethics. 

At one point in the Speaker Timmy era, there was fear out there about talking with Moore on a telephone.  Legislators and other politicos were apparently – and seriously — worried about showing up on a law enforcement wiretap. 

At one point, there was some concern about all of the paying government jobs Speaker Timmy was racking up in both Wake and Cleveland counties.

And THEN there was the biiiiiiig payout to a former legislative ally and aide that apparently went on even after the aide left the House and Moore’s employ.

Let’s not forget the hubbub over the chicken plant property in Chatham County (in which Moore reportedly had a financial interest), and that same aide’s alleged interaction with state environmental regulators.

The ladies.

The man from Kings Mountain helped us make international news via his dalliances with one Ms. Jamie Lassiter.   

Being Speaker Timmy’s gal-pal has been pretty good for the ol’ career-advancement. 

The, um, *conservatism.*

The Speaker Timmy era has been marked by an overall tax burden not seen since the Democrats last ran the legislature.  Tim Moore’s time at the top has also been marked by a dramatic increase in consumption by government (aka cost of the government doing its business) not seen since the Democrats last ran the legislative show in Raleigh.

Moore has also gone on record praising the new “moderate” Republican Party.

Of course, Speaker Timmy appreciates his PORK.

Tim Moore has worked hand-in-glove with Roy Cooper to usher in and grow alternative energy mandates that increase all our power bills in addition to the overall cost of doing business.

Despite Moore exercising heavy influence over the staffing of governing boards, the radical left’s agenda (DEI, CRT, anti-Israel, tranny stuff, and other leftist lunacy) has run amok and virtually unchecked.  Boards of Governors and Trustees have been turned into parking places for big donors instead of opportunities for serious conservative reform.

When given the choice, Speaker Timmy and his team push proposals more likely to excite the Democrat caucus than the Republican one. 

Legislation supported by 2nd amendment enthusiasts has been bottled up in Tim Moore’s House.  Christian conservatives have reportedly had to battle Moore aides — which include at least one prominent gay political activist – to win victories against things like child-grooming. 

The SAME GUY who gave us Thom Tillis in DC is trying to give us Tim Moore in DC.  Will we get fooled AGAIN ?