#ncga: Speaker Timmy. A Man with a Plan. (Which the DEMS loooooove.)


Bambi’s mom.  Ol’ Yeller.  It’s sad to sit and watch beloved things breathe their final breaths.  Better get used to it folks.  You can stick  fork in North Carolina’s 2010 ‘conservative revolution.’  It’s pretty much done. 

Speaker Timmy has been waddling around the state as fast as his little legs will carry him — touting another bond issue to finance school construction.  Meanwhile, Senate Republicans have offered a ‘pay-as-you-go’ alternative that saves money and shrinks government.  

Sources tell me the true beneficiaries of lil’ Timmy’s brain-child are some sketchy political donors with ties to the SOLAR industry.  (It ain’t really fo’ tha’ lil’ chil’ren.)

Now, legislative Democrats appear to think lil’ Timmy is ON TO SOMETHING.  (*And WHY NOT?  Borrowing more money.  Refusing to cut one dime of government spending.  Lil’ man is running plays from their own playbook.) :

Senate Democrats like the Republican House leader’s idea for a school construction bond, and criticized the funding proposal coming from Republicans in their own chamber for its potential to hurt broader education spending.

But two Democrats who spoke against the Republican senators’ school construction plan in Wednesday morning news conference ended up voting for it in the afternoon, when the Senate approved in a 33-14 vote using money from the state budget to help pay for school construction.

The Senate plan will use a special fund established in the 2017 budget and will receive 4 percent of state tax revenue and other money, The News & Observer has reported. Senate Republicans propose increasing the contribution to the fund to 4.5 percent of tax revenue, and letting K-12 schools use some of the money for school construction. They said their plan will result in a little more than $2 billion each for K-12 schools, UNC and state community colleges, and state agencies over nine years, without the state having to take on $1.2 billion in debt.[…]

I swear.  It has to  warm your heart to see the folks in your same party undermining your party’s foundational philosophy.