NC-09: Shameful driveby scumbags and the money-bleeding outlets that employ them


Journalism, like politics, has always been dominated by lying and scalawag-ery.  I saw it as a driveby 20-plus years ago.  I’d come home from work, turn on  the news, and wonder if those TV nimrods had actually witnessed the same events I did that day.  

McClatchy — the owner of the N&O and Charlotte Observer — leads the pack in offensive behavior, followed closely by Raleigh’s WRAL-TV (employers of ‘Diamond Dave’ Crabtree, Greg ‘You’ve got Mail’ Fishel, and Mister Laura Leslie).

We’re going to give McClatchy some extra special attention for their horrible performance at the state board of election hearing this week.  First, there was THIS photo:

They ran this photo over a story about Mark Harris’s son testifying  — leaving readers with the impression that Harris was crying over accusations of criminality made by his son.   I talked about this with two guys who have been my eyes and ears in the room all week.   Said one of them:

“The  man was crying because his son had just said some very touching, moving things about his dad. Now, I’m loaded with testosterone.  But I found myself having to duck inside the men’s room to wipe my eyes after hearing the words of young Mr. Harris.  That was some touching stuff. The guy ought to be proud he has a son who cares so much about him.”

Big freakin’ difference from the crap-ola McClatchy tried to feed us.

And then there was today’s stool sample:

Of course, there was more to the story.  McClatchy tried to paint this as though Harris confessed to his “criminality” and was surrendering.  According to my sources,  the Charlotte pastor basically told the assembled jackals to “pound sand.”   Here’s source #2:

“They were trying to pin him in on some kind of perjury trap.  Harris responded with ‘Hey, I had two strokes in January.  I could have easily said something and not remembered it.’   He told them the process had ruined his life and had nearly broken his family.  He basically said it wasn’t worth it anymore, and they needed to go do a new election.  They weren’t going to have Mark Harris to kick around anymore.”

Source #1 hit on something I noticed too — the lack of party aid for Harris:

“The NCGOP left this guy hanging out there, swinging in the wind while the Democrats beat the crap out of him.  They didn’t get their establishment champion in the Ninth, so they were going to let Harris fend for himself.  There was a great case out there to be made that Harris got ravaged by thieves from all sides — and even within his own camp.  But no one helped him make it. It was disheartening and tragic. Really kind of infuriating.  I’m willing to bet they’ve got some establishment butt-boy waiting in the wings to jump in this race.  And they’ll have him fully-funded and defended to the hilt.  Dallas, Robin and the gang really, really SUCK.”

An election was successfully subverted and stolen today.

So,  McClatchyites  — ponder this and all of your other blatant acts of shameful bullsh!ttery while your failing employer escorts you out of the building on that “big day.”

These big government parasites you so fervently seek to protect can’t possibly hire ALL of you as press secretaries.  Some of you will have to go out among US and get real jobs.  (And WE are not going to forget your skullduggery. EVER.)