We REALLY need the feds in here.


Some things we’ve learned this week:

  1. A criminally-minded political establishment in our state that spans both political parties can subvert the will of the people and GET AWAY WITH IT.  If we don’t make the “right” decision on election day, they will be glad to make it in Raleigh, well after the election, behind closed doors.
  2. Websites like ours get poo-pooed as “lacking in credibility.”  But the media that allegedly has the market on “credibility” cornered can’t tell the truth if its life depended on it.  So many of their foot-soldiers are interested in keeping “access” and staying in good graces to win future “press secretary posts.”  Having an office close enough for politicians to stop in and spoon-feed soundbites to TV cameras and recorders is soooooooooo much more important than THE TRUTH.   You get more truth in one hour on this site than you do in  A WEEK of watching WRAL or reading the Charlotte or Raleigh fishwraps.  
  3. So many institutions where we depend on bureaucrats and elected officials to keep an eye on things for us are so incompetent, corrupt or otherwise criminally-tainted that it’s become apparent that there is NO ONE watching out for us.
  4. We need intervention from federal law enforcement.  The state board of elections and the state judicial system couldn’t find anything to nail Jim Black on.  But the feds sure DID.  The Wake DA couldn’t find ANYTHING to nail Speaker Timmy on.  But I bet the US attorney COULD.   

Elections and voting have been so dumbed-down that you can lie and steal 364 days a year, spend one day “praising Jesus,” and get reelected for LIFE.  Our government has its tentacles so deeply into every aspect of our lives.  That requires lots of lobbyists with cash.  Lobbyists and their cash can protect these crooks and liars from the angry little people on election day.

Without federal grand juries and guys and gals in stenciled windbreakers, we — as a state — are screwed.  The liars and the crooks have us cornered and surrounded.