The Robeson County cover-up


The criminal conspiracy succeeded in running off Mark Harris and subverting the November vote in the Ninth Congressional District.  Now, they’re working at break-neck speed to cover up the Democrat shenanigans in Robeson County.

  • The state  board of elections is only going to look at 200 to 300 of the 2000 absentee ballot request logs submitted by the Robeson County board of elections.  Why?  Only that 200 or so had ties to McRae Dowless.  And the Republicans.  They COULD examine them all, but that would be inconvenient to their message about “Republican cheating.”  Robeson County has been  exemplary of Democrat cheating for DECADES.  They have to stay “on message.”   So, the mission is clearly not about cleaning up elections.  It’s about GETTING McRae Dowless and embarrassing Republicans.
  • No action YET on  Tiffany Pequise-Powers.  She’s been actively electioneering and tossing cash to Democrat candidates — including Dan McCready — during her years on the county board.  Other folks have been denied placement on elections boards because of rules about electioneering.  But not dear Mrs. Powers.  NOT IN very vital to Democrat aspirations Robeson County.  The criminal conspiracy needs her in place to protect Mr. McCready in 2019 and Mr. Cooper in 2020. 

Calling any and all federal law enforcement ….