The Robeson County cover-up


The criminal conspiracy succeeded in running off Mark Harris and subverting the November vote in the Ninth Congressional District.  Now, they’re working at break-neck speed to cover up the Democrat shenanigans in Robeson County.

  • The state  board of elections is only going to look at 200 to 300 of the 2000 absentee ballot request logs submitted by the Robeson County board of elections.  Why?  Only that 200 or so had ties to McRae Dowless.  And the Republicans.  They COULD examine them all, but that would be inconvenient to their message about “Republican cheating.”  Robeson County has been  exemplary of Democrat cheating for DECADES.  They have to stay “on message.”   So, the mission is clearly not about cleaning up elections.  It’s about GETTING McRae Dowless and embarrassing Republicans.
  • No action YET on  Tiffany Pequise-Powers.  She’s been actively electioneering and tossing cash to Democrat candidates — including Dan McCready — during her years on the county board.  Other folks have been denied placement on elections boards because of rules about electioneering.  But not dear Mrs. Powers.  NOT IN very vital to Democrat aspirations Robeson County.  The criminal conspiracy needs her in place to protect Mr. McCready in 2019 and Mr. Cooper in 2020. 

Calling any and all federal law enforcement ….

10 thoughts on “The Robeson County cover-up

  1. Let me explain why it was necessary to throw Mark Harris to the wolves by the NCGOP by not highlighting what happened in Robeson County, and by our other actions and inactions. We need to get Robin Hayes, who is my meal ticket, reelected as NCGOP chairman. There is this dude in Union County, lets call him Berry, who was making noises about running for NCGOP chairman for the last year or so. That could be a threat to my meal ticket Hayes, and we could not have that. But we knew he also had an eye on running for Congress in the 9th district should that open up. If we could get a new election and a new primary in the 9th district, the odds were that he would run there instead of for NCGOP chairman. That is why it was necessary to sandbag Mark Harris throughout this process, even to the point of putting the Congressional seat at risk.

  2. The Republican members of the Board of Elections lay down and let the Democrats walk all over them, which is disgusting. Their failure to get into evidence the Democrat ballot harvesting in Robeson County, the Democrat money spent on that ballot harvesting, McCready’s slimy meetings with election officials, and other matters was appalling. Why were subpoenas not issued to get into issues of Democrat hanky panky? This is just inexcusable. We need to remember that it was Robin Hayes who submitted the names of these Mr. Milquetoasts as the Republican members of the Board of Elections.

    Mark Harris was betrayed in this kangaroo court, and the Republican Party very badly let him down.

  3. It is appalling the story line that is all over the media, national as well as state, that this is an example of “Republican voter fraud”. Nothing has been done to challenge that story. Even if the GOP leadership decided they were not going to counter the media narrative to defend Mark Harris, it would seem that they should have the good sense to have done so to preserve the reputation of the party generally. It is the party, as well as Harris, that is taking a beating over this media onslaught.

    The ammunition was there to fight back. The Haymaker has done great work in exposing the fact that the Democrats did a lot more of the very same activity in this races. It is infuriating that the Republican leadership failed to use it to defend both the party’s reputation and that of our former congressman-elect. Failing to use that information has now put the party in real danger of losing this seat, as well as having our reputation blackened.

  4. Example of Republican vote fraud? This actually the ONLY case of vote fraud perpetrated by Republicans that was ANYTHING other than one single idiot who thought he could get away with voting in two different states without someone noticing.
    I’d run out of room trying to record all the cases of systematic Democrat vote fraud.
    Infuriating, how the media has such a selective memory!

    1. The media’s tunnel vision in this case, looking only at McRae Dowless, and not at the more extensive similar operations by Democrats in both Robeson and Bladen counties, was aided and abetted by the “Republican leadership” in North Carolina who failed miserably, not even trying, to get the whole story out. That is a disgrace. It was also aided by incredibly weak and incompetent GOP members of the SBOE who let this spectacle become almost a Stalin show trial.

      Mark Harris is a good man and is a victim of NCGOP incompetence or backstabbing, and it is hard to tell which it was. Republican voters are also victims of bad leadership at NCGOP. The reputation of the party as a whole is also in the toilet due to the ineptness of complicity of NCGOP leaders.

  5. I thought as I watched the entire incident unfold I know this I not a Republican thing obviously it was the Democratic’s trying to win the seat at all cost. I have lost all confidence in the Democratic Party and I was a life long Democratic

  6. This disaster in the 9th district did not have to end this way. Lets consider how the NCGOP could have gotten a much better outcome.

    The Democrat end game of a new election was obvious from the beginning and the NCGOP’s focus should have been like a laser beam on stopping that result. It was all well and good at the 11th hour to holler that “the math demands” certification of the election, but this was way too little too late. From the beginning the GOP should have constantly been talking about the standard for certification being lack of proof of enough vote irregularities to change the outcome of the election. but that was not done. The words “new election” should never have come out of the mouths of GOP leaders, but they did and early in the process.

    It should have been obvious that the Democrat hacks on the SBOE staff would never do a fair and impartial investigation. They were seeking the partisan result of a new elections. Highlighting Democrat ballot harvesting in Bladen and Robeson should have been a constant in GOP media presentations. From the very beginning, the fact that Democrats did this for Roy Cooper in Bladen County in 2016 was well known. Republicans should have shouted that from the rooftop from the very beginning. When evidence came out, largely thanks to the Haymaker, of Democrat ballot harvesting on a wide scale in the 2018 election, this also should have been shouted from the rooftops. The GOP failed to do any of that.

    With this 9th district certification pending, the NCGOP should have put very strong people only on its list for appointment to the SBOE, but instead they clearly sent a list of very weak people, who caved in and did nothing to assure a balanced look at the happened in the 9th district. GOP members of the SBOE should have roasted the staff about Democrat ballot harvesting and related issues.

    To push the SBOE to look at Democrat hanky panky on ballot harvesting, the NCGOP should have formally filed a complaint on the subject. They didn’t.

    Republicans need to learn from the mishandling of this disaster. We don’t need to be caught with our thumbs up our rear ends the next time.

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