Teflon Kim


The third luckiest person upon the conclusion of the state elections hearings this  week — behind Dan McCready and Dallas Woodhouse — is state elections supervisor Kim Strach.

The stupid, biased driveby media spent so much time focused on Mark Harris crying and where McCrae Dowless was that they neglected several glaring instances portraying the North Carolina State Board of Elections as  ONE HOT MESS and its supervisor as clueless about what to do about it.

Check out this tweet from a former limited government type who has turned into  an apologist and sop for all things establishment:

(Pete also thinks Pat McCrory was a great governor who got  ROBBED of a second term.)

  1. Running Early voting returns way too early.   All kinds of folks — ranging from Dallas Woodhouse to Dan McCready’s lawyers to the stupid drivebys to state board of elections — were wringing their hands about the early voting totals being run too early in Bladen County.  We didn’t hear anything about this until some politicians started talking to the drivebys about it well after the November vote in 2018.  The problem?  The state board has an alert system that warns them almost instantaneously when the vote totals in machines are run.  How did all those state board of elections employees MISS the alarms about early voting totals being run in Bladen County way back during the 2018 early voting period?

  2. Ignoring Robeson County evidence.  Robeson County election officials produced enough evidence to outweigh and negate ANYTHING that could have possibly happened in Robeson County.  From what I understand, there were about 2000 absentee request logs.  Mrs. Strach and her team would only look at about 200-300 of them.  WHY?  Those were the only ones that had anything to do with McCrae Dowless.  The rest were tied to Democrat operatives.  (And we SURE COULDN’T drag the Democrats into this kangaroo court. )   We were told this was about cleaning up dirty elections.  Yet, we stopped short of looking at ALL the evidence and hearing ALL the testimony.

    (Oh, the word is out that ‘Ratso’ Cooper and his henchmen are already formulating a scheme to deal with the Robeson County district court race that was held up in conjunction with the congressional race.  In that one, Republican Jack Moody’s apparent election night victory “magically”  turned into a 67-vote loss during post-election canvassing.  I am hearing that Cooper is looking to appoint the Democrat in that race as an ‘interim placeholder’ for the seat.  Elections officials will then run out the clock as long as they can  — hopefully long enough to extend things into the next vote on that seat.  At that point, the Democrat will have the name ID and the perception as the incumbent.)

  3. Why didn’t Bladen election employees KNOW looking at early vote totals was illegal?  Mrs. Strach looked astonished when the early peek at Bladen vote totals was revealed in hearing testimony.  I wonder who the BOSS of those Bladen County election employees is?  (Why, it’s Kim Strach.)  Strach is responsible for training the county supervisors and ensuring that election laws are adhered to at the county offices.  The county supervisors report directly to her.  If county supervisors were really that flippant about adhering to the law, it’s likely because they were poorly trained and supervised from above (Raleigh).
  4. Why did the ‘hearing to clean up elections and restore democracy’ stop when Mark Harris quit? The board had heard from a smidgen of the 80 subpoenaed witnesses.  There were 1200+ pieces of key evidence being kept from  the board and the public.  You can beat the crap out of McCrae Dowless and lock him in the deepest darkest dungeon in McDowell County.  But NOT ONE election has been made cleaner by it.  My home county of Robeson has cornered the market on dirty electioneering.

    Politicians from Raleigh (from both parties) pour into the county to get their pockets filled with cash.  (Curiously, this happens in arguably the poorest county in the state.  Though, lots of illegal drug trade, and therefore illegal drug cash, do make the rounds there. ) Prior state board of elections members have described Robeson County as a ‘frequent flier’ before the board.

    They had a grand opportunity here to clean that place up once and for all — and no one made the effort.  They got Mark Harris’s scalp, and will soon have McCrae Dowless’s.  Mission – freakin’-accomplished.

     No one was interested in causing problems and upsetting the applecart in a county so skilled at (1) providing illicit campaign cash on command and (2) making votes appear and disappear as needed.

Former elections supervisor Gary Bartlett and board chairman Larry Leake were vicious, cutthroat partisans who pantsed the Republicans at every opportunity.  Granted, Kim Strach is a Republican appointee.  But she is clearly in over her head in  the election supervisor role.

And Republicans (and good people in general) will continue to get screwed — as in the Bartlett & Leake days —  at election time because of it.