#ncga #TBT: The dawn of the Speaker Timmy era

With politicians, it’s always fun to match what they’re saying and doing NOW, with what they said or did FIVE MINUTES ago, FIVE WEEKS ago, FIVE MONTHS ago, or even FIVE YEARS ago.

Here’s a post from 2014 where a bright, young bushy-tailed legislator from Kings Mountain was making his case to replace Thom Tillis in the speaker’s chair:

[…] Even with those accomplishments, it is time we move toward a different phase in our leadership of North Carolina. To govern in the future, I believe we must use and grow our collective wisdom and participation. That means we must use the vast resources of the membership of our caucus to solve problems. We must encourage fruitful debate and respect opposing viewpoints and each other. Regardless of the outcome, we stand as one caucus. […] 

Respecting opposing viewpoints? Respecting each other?  Let’s ask John Blust, Larry Pittman, Chris Millis, and Mike Speciale — to name a few —  how well THAT has been working in the Speaker Timmy era.

And “using the vast resources of the membership of our caucus to solve problems”?   If you thought that meant sharing with everyone, you were mistaken.  It was just Speaker-in-Waiting Timmy’s special charming little way of saying: “Nelson Dollar, David Lewis, Kelly Hastings, and Jason Saine MATTER, while the rest of ’em DO NOT.”

Here’s another “funny” from Timmy’s pitch to be speaker:

“[…In the Tillis era, we] placed the interests of hard working taxpayers above the various special interests groups.[…] 

Didn’t happen then.  STILL isn’t happening now.  Here is Moore’s 2014 “Dear Colleague letter,”  and here is an accompanying brochure where he makes his case for speaker in a more detailed fashion.

It sure sounded good at the time.

2 thoughts on “#ncga #TBT: The dawn of the Speaker Timmy era

  1. Timmy Moore is the new Jim Black, joined at the hip to the special interests. He is in the hip pocket of the hospitals who want to CON us, and of the Big Solar and Big Wind boondoggles that want to jam expensive and unreliable electric production down our throats to raise our power bills, just to name two. He danced to the radical tune of the corporate bullies in pushing repeal of HB2.

    We need a Speaker who looks to the GOP platform to guide him, not the lobbyists and checkbooks of the special interests.

  2. These folks, Moore, Berger, and Lewis, need to get some new optical equipment so they can see the fine print on the wall. They need to figure out real soon that Hayes and Woodhouse are not working for them and the good folks in North Carolina that vote have already figured this out.

    It is also time for those that vote in every election to vote for someone other than those which are tied to the deep pockets of the wind and solar lobbyists.

    I hope the loss of Barbara Jackson on the NC Supreme Court will be the trigger for some serious soul searching by the legislative leaders and the voters that put them there.

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