Timmy’s gay kicks lame-duck Cawthorn ONE MORE TIME

It’s no big secret that Timmy Moore, Phil Berger, and Thom Tilli$$$ organized an effort (funded by Dem donors) to pack congressman Madison Cawthorn’s (R) reelection primary and beat Cawthorn over the head with attack ads.

If ONLY they’d play that kind of hardball with liberals.

Now that Cawthorn is a lame duck, riding out the end of his term, you’d think folks would leave him alone and focus on the Democrats and the November elections.  But, sadly, NO.

Here’s LGBTQ+ activist AND Speaker Timmy’s deputy chief of staff Dan Gurley on Facebook:


I don’t know if you can read the printing on the clothing in the photos.  It’s Madison Cawthorn campaign-wear. And it’s hanging in a thrift shop.  (*HA! Get it?*)

*The clothing got tossed out JUST like Madison.*  (*Get his joke?*)

Yep.  This is all coming from the #2 staffer in Speaker Timmy’s office on Jones Street.  Timmy is one of the more senior and arguably one of the most powerful leaders in the NCGOP. It’s a shame to see a party leader’s henchman throwing shade so publicly at another Republican official. Regardless of what you may think about the decisions in his personal life, Cawthorn doesn’t deserve crap like this.  Especially from a party leader’s henchman.

As mentioned earlier, Gurley is an LGBTQ+ activist. He’s also an influential member of the speaker’s staff.  ‘The Parents’ Bill of Rights’ — which, among other things, limited the pounding of the radical gay and transgender agenda into young kids’ heads –– died a quiet, quick death in the North Carolina House.  (It passed the Senate easily.)

Dan Gurley is a former board member (and chairman of the board) at EqualityNC, the leading gay rights group in the state and the leader of the opposition to ‘The Parents’ Bill of Rights.’  Currently, he is the deputy chief of staff in Speaker Timmy’s office. (Talk about friends in high places.)

I am SURE it was just a coincidence that the decision to “disappear” the bill was announced by Timmy’s office.