Unfounded. False. Unsubstantiated.


THOSE are the labels attached to any comments you make regarding the integrity of an election. Apparently, they only get applied to the complaints of Republicans.

Al Gore still has not accepted the 2000 election results.  Hillary has not accepted 2016.  Dan McCready did not accept 2018. None of those people have been dismissed or branded as loony by the drive-bys.

Anecdotes indicating possible election fraud have popped up all over the country since 2020.  Any of them with clear evidence are poo-pooed as not being enough to reverse the election outcome. But if you add up ALL of the stories, that’s a lot of vote fraud.


There is evidence that illegals voted in NC in 2018.  There is evidence to suggest a Biden DOJ lawyer may have voted illegally in NC in 2020.  There is so much cheating in Democrat-dominated Robeson County that the election in ONE city council precinct in Lumberton — by order of a Democrat state elections board — had to be re-done in three consecutive election  cycles.

The drive-bys took Dan McCready very seriously in 2018.  They harrassed Mark Harris to the bitter end, regurgitating every piece of slander the Democrats could come up with.  The election was re-done. But the so-called investigation could not produce ONE election law violation for Harris or his staffer, the late McCrae Dowless.  The vote fraud story was complete bullshit.  In other words, FALSE, UNFOUNDED, and UNSUBSTANTIATED. But the drive-bys ran with it, unquestioningly, because their Dem comrades told them to.

It’s amazing how quickly the “unfounded” and “false” adjectives have been attached to election complaints by North Carolina drive-bys.  National media started saying it, and then osmosis led the phenomenon down here.  It doesn’t matter that no serious investigation has been done to validate the claims of falseness. These people just say it. Just like The Big Lie.  Repeat a lie enough and everyone eventually starts to believe it. 

Back in 1995, I was one of those drive-bys.  I uncovered a scandal suggesting that Jim Hunt’s political organization was “selling” state jobs and shaking down state employees and their families for campaign contributions.  I had all kinds of evidence, and even traced the scandal to the governor’s personal suite of offices in Raleigh.  There were investigative hearings in the state House.  But my “colleagues” took their cues from the Hunt press office and poo-pooed the whole thing.  Nothing to see here. Unsubstantiated.   And it all went away quietly.

It’s really pretty scary that the political elite can declare something FALSE and the media will declare it so — without ANY investigation.