Have you seen THIS MAN?

According to media reports, Speaker Tim Moore says he doesn’t know who the above person is.  Attorneys for Scott Lassiter have labeled him “John Doe” and named him a co-defendant in their suit against the House speaker. 

According to the case filings, Scott Lassiter’s attorneys appear to allege that “John Doe” may have conspired with Moore and Lassiter’s wife to install surveillance and interfere with existing surveillance at Scott Lassiter’s property.

At The Haymaker, we are devoted to doing our part to ensure justice is served wherever it is needed.  If this person, Mr. “Doe”, was truly doing what Mr. Lassiter and his attorneys allege, he needs to be brought to justice.

Take a good look.  I know it is not the greatest.  But if you see anything that strikes you as familiar, don’t hesitate to contact (a) Scott Lassiter’s attorneys at the address on the court filing, (b) Speaker Tim Moore at his legislative office, or (c) any Wake County law enforcement agency.