NC trio votes to give FBI extra $300M for yuuuuge new Md. HQ

It appears the door-kickers at the FBI are one step closer to getting a new HQ — reportedly larger than the Pentagon – located in Democrat stronghold Maryland.

Never mind that we don’t have the money.  Never mind that this was an over-blown, bloated, highly-expensive attempt to separate the FBI from the name J. Edgar Hoover – which adorns the current DC home of the FBI.  Never mind that the agency takes tougher stances against Trump voters than it does against Hamas and Antifa supporters.  Never mind all the door-kicking at the homes of folks who loitered on the Capitol grounds on January 6.  They’re getting a brand new home from whence they can  continue and advance their weaponization. :

[…] The shameful vote occurred on the same day that FBI agents appeared in force in the small town of Helmetta, New Jersey, to serve an arrest warrant for Gregory Yetman, who allegedly sprayed pepper spray toward Capitol Police in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, 2021.

According to the town mayor, that show of force included heavy armor.

“A situation like this of course brings heightened anxiety — it’s not normal to see FBI agents and vehicles and tanks in your community,” Helmetta Mayor Christopher Slavicek said, according to USA Today.

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia expressed disbelief over the FBI’s tactics.

“FBI manhunt and tanks for a guy who used pepper spray at police on Jan6?” Greene posted on X on Thursday. “They don’t do this for Antifa/BLM rioters or Ceasefire Now Pro-Hamas/terrorists insurrectionists or 1.8 million unknown illegal gotaways that came across our border or Epstein’s client list. Only J6’ers.” […]

A total of 70 Republicans sided with the Democrats on this one.  (*Remind me AGAIN of the benefits of a GOP House majority.*)

Once again, we have a nice chunk of North Carolina Republican House members misusing their voting cards.  (A ‘NO’ vote says YES to spending the extra money on this monstrosity for the FBI.) Here are the details:

That’s right — Murphy, Edwards, and McHenry.