Raleigh’s ‘political’ wreck getting towed away.

A seismic event is ripping through the world of Raleigh politics.  State auditor Beth Wood is resigning. (She got indicted for alleged misuse of state property in connection with her December 2022 attempt at jumping a car parked on a Raleigh street with her state car. ) 

Never mind that the resignation will come December 15th. (Wood has already announced that she’s not seeking reelection.)

The resignation date falls about a week after filing opens for the 2024 election cycle. This gets Wood out of the way altogether for state Democrats so they don’t have to hear about her through the primary and general elections. 

Back when all of the wreck news broke, one Raleigh drive-by dug into what might happen if Wood quit.  Apparently, the governor would appoint an interim auditor until the newly-elected auditor can be sworn in.  In this case, a Democrat could be appointed to serve a little over a year as auditor and even RUN as an incumbent.  (The state constitution backs all that up.)

There’s still the matter of the video showing three women hustling Wood away from the crash scene shortly after the collision occurred.  Two men — a white man in a dark suit and a black man wearing an orange ball cap — can also be seen loitering around the wreckage before the police arrive. (From studying the video, one of the men appears to have a striking resemblance to a certain state Democrat celebrity.)