The SCC Files: The Mess John Dempsey Left Behind

If you’re not doing anything Saturday, there’s a left-wing protest on the campus of Sandhills Community College.

It’s being spearheaded by left-wing activist and college faculty member Matthew Dial.  He wrote this letter to our local paper:


We first told you about this back in June.  The trustees acted pretty reasonably: The only banners allowed in public places on campus are those promoting academic endeavors, athletic events, or performances at the auditorium. 

Stuff from Black Lives Matter, the rainbow LGBTQ++ Pride flags, and other leftist symbols were popping up in public view.  (I’ve seen BLM paraphernalia in plain, public view on office doors and inside offices.)

Sandhills Community College, first and foremost, IS an academic endeavor.  It’s not a staging ground for political activist training.  (The ordinance would forbid MAGA flags, as well.)

Well, it didn’t sit well with Dial, apparently.  He utilized the college email to agitate some of his colleagues into protesting the board’s decision.

In August, Dial and his associates took their protest to newly-hired college president Sandy Stewart and the board of trustees.

Here we are in November, and Dial is on TikTok (HERE, HERE, and HERE) promoting a November 4 on-campus protest of the banner ordinance.

This week, we had THIS shot of protest material in the college parking lot.

Here is one of Dial’s fellow protest organizers working social media pre-protest:


So, folks.  HOW did we — in bright red Moore County – get to this point?  How is this left-wing Obamaesque nonsense going on at a campus flush with cash and support from a very conservative community?  Two words: John Dempsey.

Our local community college here in Moore County has a first-rate PR operation which helps bring a lot of community involvement and inve$tment into play. Long-time college president John Dempsey – a Carter White House alum and an avowed leftist – masterfully worked the Pinehurst cocktail parties and wooed the conservative monied attendees. 

While long-time board of trustees chairman — and GOP establishment figure — George Little provided cover, Dempsey worked the crowd and separated many of its members from some of their cash. The college’s board of trustees was stacked with Republican appointees who saw their positions as a bit of social status  and who blindly followed Little and his sidekick Larry Caddell.  Caddell and Little got to pass out a few jobs and name a few hallways, rooms, and buildings for themselves and cronies.  Dempsey and his leftist cabal were pretty well-ignored by the GOP trustees to do what they wished on the academic side of things. 

Leftist administrators and faculty were piled onto the payroll.  The curriculum was packed with leftist nonsense. English classes feature essays complaining about how insensitive Fourth of July is to black folks and Thanksgiving is to people of Asian heritage.   Under Dempsey, an office was created to administer DEIDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion – into every aspect of campus life.  Those sound like nice words. But DEI is — when you get right down to it — Marxism with a theme of “oppressed” women, LGBTQ++ and “people of color” gaining reparations from “oppressive” white, church-going males. Dempsey even established a dean position to oversee this ghastly production. 

The Pilot has done little to nothing to truthfully cover the goings-on at Sandhills.  Little’s board meetings appear to have been in violation of state open meetings laws for at least a decade. You would think professional journalists would care about that.

And we have more coverage of some concerning matters at Sandhills HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

This event on Saturday will be a big test for the college’s new president and the college’s board.  A big part of the protesters’ argument is:  Dempsey let us do it, so why can’t you? 

Will the board and the president roll over and surrender to this kind of nonsense?  Or will they and the new president stand by what looks and sounds like a very reasonable decision?

We really need to see some backbone on-campus that we haven’t seen much of in over three decades.  Quite a bit of fumigation is required.  A full-blown assault on that DEI nonsense is a great place to start.    There is a lot of dead weight in the administration AND faculty ranks that needs to go.

Quite a few folks on Airport Road need a refresher on what a community college’s true role is: a launching pad for a successful career, and not Mao-style political ‘reeducation’.