The SCC Files: The roar of the leftist faculty

The comrades over on the Airport Road campus are quite flabbergasted and lost now that their Dear Leader, John Dempsey, has departed for the greener pastures of the Worker’s Paradise.  The Board of Trustees at Sandhills Community College recently approved a policy limiting banners and other similar displays on-campus to those promoting events and activities related to athletics, educational opportunities, and performing arts events.  Sounds reasonable, eh?

All kinds of public and private facilities have rules and regulations about what can be publicly displayed.  Such material can reflect on the image and reputation of the organization housed in or owning said facility. But it appears some folks are missing the days of using their taxpayer subsidized time on campus, in taxpayer-subsidized buildings filled with taxpayer-subsidized equipment and resources, to mock the folks who pay those taxes and preach an agenda vilifying said taxpayers. 

Former president John Dempsey was very good to the leftist community on the Sandhills campus, situated amidst the rolling green golf courses of bright-red, rock-ribbed Republican Moore County.  DEI, CRT and other marxist passions are in full-bloom.  All seemed well to those folks as Dempsey – a former Carter White House aide – retired from the president’s office.

Then, the board of trustees comes with this policy – a blow to those seeking a little political indoctrination to go with the reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic – during an interim presidency. Rumors and hints of a faculty revolt arose.  

*If they can’t have their BLM or rainbow flags or poster / propaganda, how can there be any teaching?*

Now, that new president Sandy Stewart is in place, faculty lefties are once again trying to flex their muscle: