The Sandhills Files: SCC bear-hugs the transgender ideology

We’ve already told you about how deeply DEI has infested the campus of Sandhills Community College.  DEI positions white males as the “oppressors” and everyone else as “the oppressed,” to whom amends must be made.

It appears the shot-callers at Sandhills may have come up with a solution to one of the biggest, um, “hurdles” for the transgender crowd.  If your name is George and you dress like a woman and you want to be known as Georgia or Georgette, or Phyllis, many schools and other government offices have thrown up roadblocks to those plans.  The record-keepers insist on continuing to refer to people in in-house records by their given birth names.

Sandhills Community College has changed their policies and created a system for getting that desired name change DONE. Here’s the preamble to the new policy adopted a few months ago:

Here is the full policy. 

And HERE is an email from the college’s “Dean of DEI” explaining the new policy for all interested internal parties:


*Oh,  the pronouns.  Gotta LOOOOOOOVE the pronouns.*