When Tim Moore and Blue Cross $$$ mean MORE than US

Well, our elected “representatives” in the North Carolina General Assembly have thumbed their collective noses at the elected state treasurer, the elected insurance commissioner, and consumers-at-large to grant a huge sweetheart deal to generous campaign donor Blue Cross NC.

There was little debate. There was little to no compromise with the large number of folks concerned about this bill — which is expected to deliver a huge windfall to Blue Cross and rate increases to its customers. *Honestly, though — who needs debate or compromise when enough voting members of the General Assembly have had their palms generously greased?*

(What a sorry band of corrupt dirtbags we’re saddled with.)

Here are the Yeas and Nays from the NC House.  (The ‘good guys’ voted NO.):


I’ll give you a minute to go get some Tums, Rolaids or Pepto before giving you the news from the Senate.

Ready?  Here we go.  (Remember, the good guys voted NO.)



Not even a slight effort to entertain the concerns of the insurance commissioner or the state treasurer. Apparently, there was no concern about this being a special bill benefiting ONE company — arguably to help it offset its loss of the state health plan contract. 

THIS is what you get in the Tillis-Whatley NCGOP.  Chamber leaders and lobbyist checks mean a hell of a lot more than a party platform or the concerns of the little folks back home. THIS is what you get when mindlessly keep reelecting the guy or the gal with the (R) by their name without tracking their voting records or keeping their feet to the fire.  They don’t take us seriously.  They don’t pay us any attention when crucial votes come around.  

You can keep mindlessly and automatically voting for all the (R)s on your ballot.  You can reelect that dolt Whatley again and again.  *I believe that’s what is described as the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again while anticipating a different result.*