NC’s congressional Republicans sell out party platform, voters, future generations

The folks we send to DC are about as bad as the ones we send to Jones Street. We’ve got an astronomical national debt that is strangling our economy and setting up a major disaster for us in later years, for our children, and our grandchildren.  The alleged conservative party in charge of the US House could have made a strong statement about cutting spending before taking on more debt and further burdening future generations.  But they had their sugar-daddy Kevin McCarthy and all those cash-peddling lobbyists to please. 

When you see the Biden White House AND Chuck Schumer gleefully giggling over a bill, you can safely assume that legislation is not good for real, average Americans.  The debt ceiling extension passed the House 314-117.  

Republicans split 149-71 on the bill. Dan Bishop (R) was the ONLY North Carolinian in the US House to vote NO.  (NO was the correct vote on this travesty.)

Democrats split 165-46.  Deborah Ross (D-NC) did not vote.  (Surely, she would have been a YES.)  All other Dems from the state voted YES.

Here is the whole kit-and-kaboodle — including the roll call — on the House vote.  The Senate is up next.  So we have to count on Tillis and Budd.

God help us.