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The Lyin’ Queen: Amnesty, gay marriage, govt spending, late-term abortion, ObamaCare and Renee Ellmers

Is she unbalanced?  Is she a pathological liar?  Or is she merely just not as skilled in the art of deception and flim-flammery as the rest of her colleagues are?  Those are just some of the questions being posed by the angry and perplexed constituents…

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The debt ceiling: We were tricked, y’all!

American Hustle is not just lighting up the movie screens.  It’s playing out on Capitol Hill as well. Following last week’s disgraceful surrender by House Republicans on the debt ceiling, we got all kinds of stories about how Howard Coble was the only NCGOPer to…

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GOP-controlled US House passes debt ceiling lift with almost NO Republican help

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed yet another increase in the federal debt ceiling by a margin of 221-201.  Of those 201 NO votes, 199 of them were Republican.  Boehner only managed to coax 28 Republicans to go along with him in doing the dirty…

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Who owns all that US debt?

    It’s an interesting question — in light of all of the recent efforts of the mainstream media and political ruling class to sell us on adding another $300 billion-plus to our national debt.   Here’s an interesting stab at answering that question: The U.S….

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Put that white flag AWAY !!!!

We’ve got a 17 percent federal spending freeze.  But to hear the media tell it, we are experiencing THE END OF DAYS. CNN is running a countdown clock.  We’re being that this 17 percent spending freeze is starving babies, hurting seniors, endangering national security, and…

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DC GOP ready to bump up federal debt ceiling AGAIN

      The GOP establishment has been rolling its collective eyes dismissively at those of us fighting tooth and nail to stop ObamaCare.  Now, they’re ready to help Big Barry jack up the federal debt even further: House Republicans plan to tie an increase…

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While you were focused on the IRS, DC pols just sunk us DEEPER into debt

    Outrageous.  The IRS was asking a religious non-profit about the substance of its prayers.  Outrageous.  A Christian mentoring organization was asked about the specific backgrounds of the students it mentors.  Outrageous.  (Do Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Bill Barber get scrutinized like this?…

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The next sellout by the DC GOP? Wednesday.

          Bend over and brace yourselves, folks.  HERE IT COMES AGAIN: Republican officials say the House will vote Wednesday on an increase in the nation’s debt limit, a move designed to prevent a first-ever government default. The vote marks a change…

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A primer on the US economy for LOW-INFORMATION VOTERS

      The lefties (and many establishment Republicans) are promoting the idea of increasing the debt ceiling — AGAIN — as simply paying for your  obligations.  Just like us paying our phone bills, and mortgages, and car payments.  * No big deal. *  The mainstream…

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America to hit its head on the debt ceiling as it goes over the fiscal cliff

The mainstream media is breathlessly counting down to New Year’s Day, when the so-called fiscal cliff kicks in.  The fiscal cliff is the name given to the penalty written into the 2011 legislation that raised the federal debt ceiling.   There were supposed to be spending…