The debt ceiling: We were tricked, y’all!

cb laughAmerican Hustle is not just lighting up the movie screens.  It’s playing out on Capitol Hill as well.

Following last week’s disgraceful surrender by House Republicans on the debt ceiling, we got all kinds of stories about how Howard Coble was the only NCGOPer to vote for Boehner’s bill.  Actually, it appears that most Republicans voted to allow others to raise the debt limit, and then turned around and voted against the debt ceiling increase.  Like John Kerry, they were FOR it, before they were AGAINST it. 

How did this all go down? Pull up a chair.  Class is in session.

House rules call for a 2/3 vote in order to consider any debt related issues.  Well, somebody introduced H.R. 475 on February 11. Check out Section 4 of that legislation:

[…] The requirement of clause 6(a) of rule XIII for a two-thirds vote to consider a report from the Committee on Rules on the same day it is presented to the House is waived with respect to any resolution reported through the legislative day of February 12, 2014, providing for consideration or disposition of a measure relating to the public debt limit.

So, the “honorables” basically cancelled out the requirement for two-thirds to approve consideration of a debt matter on the House floor.  The cancellation was from February 11 through February 12.  Guess what got voted on February 11th?  That’s right.  Boehner’s “clean” debt ceiling increase legislation.

Let’s take a look at exactly WHO voted FOR this weasel move.    Well, lookee here.  Every North Carolina Republican — except Walter Jones — voted FOR HR 475.  It looks like Jones and Coble were the ONLY two Tar Heel State Republicans who remained consistent.  Jones opposed the 24-hour rules change AND opposed raising the debt ceiling.

(That had to get under Boehner’s skin.  Walter has been doing that a lot these days.  That’s probably why he’s got a primary opponent who parachuted in from DC to try and take him out.  In 1992, the Bush reelection campaign had a slogan:  Annoy the media, Re-elect Bush.  The 2014 version of that slogan could be: Annoy Boehner, Re-Elect Walter.)

Coble supported changing the rules for one day AND supported raising the debt limit.  All the rest of our Republicans split their votes.  They gave Boehner what he wanted on February 11, then put on a show for US with their no-votes on the debt ceiling increase.

Those NO votes on the actual increase didn’t matter.  The deal was already done with HR 475.  Most all of the Democrats were FOR raising the debt limit.  With the two-thirds requirement gone, all Boehner and Cantor needed was to peel off a couple dozen GOP votes to go with those Democrat votes.  And the deal would be done.  And the NCGOP coughed up EIGHT for them.  

It was quite bewildering to see all of those Republicans appearing to buck the House leadership.  How could this be happening? It happened because they had permission from Boehner and Cantor to vote NO.  The borrowing orgy continues, and the “honorables” get to go home and tell the little people how “tough” they are on federal spending.

We’ve been played like a Stradivarius.  In fact, they’ve been doing this to us since we gave them the House in 2010.  We’ve got some primaries coming up in May that will give us an opportunity to show how little we appreciate it.  

16 thoughts on “The debt ceiling: We were tricked, y’all!

  1. Classic example of smoke and mirrors. Watch as the Rino’s come home to testify about how conservative voters they where in DC. I’ll bet you a dollar to a doughnut they new what the game plan was all along and this my friend is what we are all tired of. What happened to the voting on imagration; simple they could find enough smoke and mirrors to cover up so they put off until 2015. We elect people to be honorable servants and once they go to Washington DC they are for sell to the highest bidder. I will vote for a right wing Tea Party nut atleast I know what I’m getting. Republicans it’s about time we have some change in the Conservative Party. No RINO ‘s in 2014

    1. The real lesson here is that Walter Jones seems to be the only one not playing their silly game….

      All others have got to go.

    2. Not every one. Walter Jones covered himself in glory in standing up for principle on this one. Jones has always been one of the best budget hawks in Washington. He is a keeper. Only one other Republican in the entire House stood consistently against Boehner on his blank check to Obama, and that was Tim Huelskamp of Kansas.

      Between the debt ceiling and amnesty for illegals, our out of touch GOP Congressional leadership is doing their darnest to take the wind out of the sails of GOP voters and leave them with no motivation to vote in November. Our only hope, is that in the primaries, they will be motivated to turn out in mass and clean House of all of these counterfeit conservatives. That should greatly improve morale for November.

      1. Sorry, Jones has been parked on Capitol Hill since 1995 … a careerist of the first water. Too long inside that toxic Beltway. Let him come home and live along side his neighbors and friends under the laws he helped shape. New, younger blood is in great demand, and while we are at it, limit that new blood to six years in the House.

        1. If Jones’ opponent was from the Third District and a conservative, I might agree at least somewhat on your term limit argument. However, in this case, Jones’ opponent is a beltway careerist who had been working on K Street and never lived in the district until he parachuted (carpet bagged) in late last year to run. The Haymaker nailed him for what he is about the time he showed up. Jones’ opponent may actually have worked inside the DC beltway longer than Jones has been in Congress, and K Street connections mean he will be bowing and scraping to the establishment elite in short order, no matter how he postures himself now. Jones is by far the least likely of the two to be taking orders from Boehner and the boys.

  2. If I don’t believe the candidate is a true conservative, then they don’t get my vote. Watch “House of Cards” on Netflix and you get a good idea what goes on in the District of Corruption. The Netflix version may be tamer.

  3. Little Johnny: “Pa, what does it mean to be a Republican?”

    Pa: “I’m not sure anymore.”

    Little Johnny: “But Pa, aren’t you a Republican?”

    Pa: “I’m not sure anymore.”

    Little Johnny: “But if you are not a Republican then what are you?”

    Pa: “Stupid.”

  4. It’s even worse than imagined. They didn’t vote to RAISE the debt ceiling but to eliminate a ceiling altogether. From now until March of 2015, there is no limit on what they can borrow. And, chances are they will spend even more. o, to be an INONIT with a place at the trough!

  5. It’s absolutely disgusting. They’re sewer pipe sleaze balls. I’ll not pretend they represent me.

  6. DC games to confuse voters. Before discussing the debt ceiling, you need to look at recent votes such as the Farm Bill and the Ryan / Murray budget. For example, Ellmers voted Yes for more spending on those two bills and now she votes No on the debt ceiling?

    So she votes yes for more massive spending and then no on the debt ceiling, wow, just wow.. Sadly, many voters will fail to connect the dots. How many other NC reps mirrored Ellmers?

  7. Yep, George Holding (NC 13) has a great big press release “I voted against the debt increase” on his House website.
    What a liar.
    He voted against it after he made sure it would pass.
    What a liar.

    1. Yes, Mr. “Send me to Washington and I’ll cut spending, cut spending, cut spending” is slick indeed. Not sure why I’m on his e-mail list but I got the same message.

    2. Remember George Holding is a Paul Shumaker client but still no mention of Jim Black and Richard Morgan as Paul Shumaker’s clients in the list below maybe someone needs to bring this to Paul Shumaker’s attention he forgot to list on his website that he represented the two powerful house speakers Jim Black and Richard Morgan in crafting the infamous co-speakership. Certainly that is something that he would want to bring to the public’s attention and that the co-conspirator with a convicted felon and former speaker who recruited Thom Tillis and US Senate candidate is another Paul Shumaker client.

      Partial Listing of Clients:

      •US Senator Richard Burr
      •Congressman George Holding
      •Congressman Richard Hudson
      •NC House Speaker Thom Tillis
      •Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby
      •Supreme Court Justice Mark Martin
      •Supreme Court Justice Bob Edmunds
      •Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jackson
      •NC Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry
      •Court of Appeals Judge Chris Dillon

      •Senator Fletcher Hartsell
      •Senator Stan Bingham
      •Senator Tamara Barringer
      •Senator Jeff Tarte
      •Representative Tim Moffitt
      •Representative Rick Catlin
      •Representative Ted Davis
      •Representative Rena Turner
      •Representative Mitch Gillespie
      •Representative Julia Howard
      •Mecklenburg District Attorney, Andrew Murray

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