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Monkey Business Update: Fear and Loathing in Haywood County

Haywood County is a quiet, sleepy locale in the western North Carolina mountains.  It’s a rarity for that region — a Democrat stronghold.  Lately, its politics have become quite a raucous affair. Local Tea Party activists took over the county Republican Party organization.  A Republican…

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A new Sheriff Stone hits the streets

One of the best stories from this past election day was Republican — and former state trooper — Keith Stone being elected Sheriff of Nash County. Stone and I both have roots in southeastern North Carolina’s Robeson County. My grandfather — longtime political capo di tutti…

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Not just an election, but a restraining order.

It is absolutely amazing how many people have reacted to the recently completed elections in the same fashion as they would to athletic events.  Yay, Blue Devils! Yay, Panthers! Yay, Thom! The recently completed campaigns were so devoid of substantive content that they honestly became…

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#ncpol: Wednesday morning quarterback

$100 million for THIS?  Somebody needs to talk to the manager or ask for a refund or something.  The smoke has cleared. The campaign paraphernalia is still littering the road shoulders.  And we’ve got two to six years (in some cases FOREVER) to contemplate or…

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#ncpol: Are you forgetting something?

If you are a legal resident of the US, over 18, with a clean criminal record, and properly registered, you have an important task on your to-do list today. (If you’ve already handled it, NEVER MIND.)  You need to vote – -especially if you are…

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#ncga: Rep. Moffitt says I-77 toll contracts “can be cancelled out”

Gov. Pat McCrory and Senate nominee Thom Tillis and state House president pro tem Skip Stam have all told us to BEND OVER and wait for those toll roads.  They’re coming.  But Asheville’s Tim Moffitt (R) — locked in a tight reelection fight for the state…

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But, but, but BARRY won’t let us throw out ObamaCare!

This is *rich.*  We’re bombarded with ads from Republican candidates telling us incumbent Democrat senators did a bad thing by voting FOR ObamaCare.  (And we agree.) So, does that mean a GOP majority on Capitol Hill will repeal ObamaCare?   (*crickets*) Hmmm.  One more time…

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#ncsen: Harper Polling says Tillis 46, Hagan 44

This automated survey was conducted among 511 likely voters between October 28-30.  Margin of error is +-4.34 percent.  (So, we’re within the margin of error and basically at a draw.)   Hagan has a 52 percent unfavorable rating among respondents, while Tillis was at 51…

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We know. A lot of bad choices on the ballot. But STILL — you NEED to vote!

If the choices we’re looking at on the ballot don’t give enough incentive to start working WEDNESDAY on finding candidates for 2016, I don’t know what will. You may not be crazy about either of the two major party nominees in the US Senate race….

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#ncsen: The mystery of the disappearing “alleged” DENR memo

A last-minute firestorm over the apparent spiking of an anti-Hagan story is sweeping across social media.  Thom Tillis partisans are pointing to it as further evidence of the media conspiracy with leftist interests. I am a former member of the drive-by media. I now find…