But, but, but BARRY won’t let us throw out ObamaCare!

obama-fingerThis is *rich.*  We’re bombarded with ads from Republican candidates telling us incumbent Democrat senators did a bad thing by voting FOR ObamaCare.  (And we agree.) So, does that mean a GOP majority on Capitol Hill will repeal ObamaCare?   (*crickets*)

Hmmm.  One more time — Does that mean a GOP majority on Capitol Hill will repeal ObamaCare?  

From what I am seeing and hearing — the answer is a big, fat NO.

The excuse thus far is that the Democrat majority in the Senate is keeping repeal efforts at bay.  So, will a GOP majority in the Senate remove the last roadblock?  According to the majority-leader-in-waiting, that looks doubtful: 

“Well, it’s the top of my list, but remember who’s in the White House for two more years. Obviously, he’s not going to sign a full repeal,” McConnell said. “It would take 60 votes in the Senate. Nobody thinks we’re going to have 60 Republicans. And it would take a president — presidential signature. No one thinks we’re going to get that.” […]

Oh, and it gets *better.*   Listen to THIS DC GOP establishment toadie:

[…] “Senator Cruz has been rather quiet over the past few months,” said Ron Bonjean, a spokesman for Trent Lott when the Mississippian was the Senate Republican leader. “That time seems to be coming to an end. I understand why he’s eager to go after Obamacare. But the reality is that it’ll take 60 votes to repeal it and Republicans will have nowhere near that amount. If Obamacare remains the focus, he will certainly get the base jazzed up about what he’s doing, but he won’t get rid of the law.” […] 

surrenderSo, if the Democrat incumbents are not going to repeal it – -and a new GOP majority is not going to repeal it — what’s the point ???  I think Bonjean hits it on the head. Ranting against ObamaCare is good for firing up the “base” — aka “the rubes back home”.   But the tough talk STOPS after the rubes finish voting. 

(Thom Tillis is running ads against ObamaCare.  But he talks about favoring “Medicaid expansion” — aka “ObamaCare implementation.”  )

patbackWhy not MAKE a defeated, smaller Democrat caucus OWN this travesty?  Go full-throttle for repeal.  Make them stand up in front of God and country and explain why it needs to stay. Save that audio and video for 2016. 

The Dems fought George W. Bush tooth-and-nail from 2000-2006 while they were in the minority.  THAT got them a majority in 2006 and a president in 2008 — which then allowed them to shove a whole lot of their black magic, like ObamaCare, down our throats.  The left sees what it wants, and pushes for it over and over and over until they get it.  Hell, the Dems talked Ronald Reagan into signing a tax increase!

I think these sound bites from Bonjean and McConnell are great hints that the GOP establishment is just fine with ObamaCare.  They enjoy controlling and micro-managing people’s lives as much as the statists on the other side of the aisle do.  The deeper your claws are sunk into the economy and other people’s lives, the more opportunities for collecting cash and other goodies pop up. 

Voting for an R over a D is not going to fix this mess.  Getting in their faces – -and staying there — is what’s needed to get the job done.

5 thoughts on “But, but, but BARRY won’t let us throw out ObamaCare!

  1. I understand. Believe me, Obamacare scares me like nothing else, and I was devastated after the 2012 election mostly because of Obamacare. But let’s not try to make McConnell out as pro-Obamacare just because he’s honest about the math and the obstacles we now face to completely get rid of it. You still have to vote Republican and hope and pray for a Republican House, Senate and President in 2017. With the way our government is set up, that’s the only way we can repeal Obamacare unless a miracle happens and one of these upcoming Supreme Court cases obliterates it.

    1. Mitch ”Kentucky Kickback” McConnell is almost as viciously anti-conservative as Harry Reid. He is a Vichy Republican – a collaborator with the Obama regime. Conservatitves have to watch him closely on every issue as he will do his best to stab us in the back. Remember, when McConnell vowed this election cycle to ”crush them everywhere”, he was talking about conservatives in his own party, NOT Democrats. And we see how viciously he does that from what he did in Mississippi. McConell was the one who raised the funds for the most despicable of the dirty tricks pulled in the primary against Chirs McDaniel.

      McConnell represents what we need to get rid of in Washington just as much as Reid does.

  2. But we need to elect Republicans so that we can get Republican Obamacare, Republican Amenesty for illegals, and Republican tax increases, and Republican Common Core, and Republican Big Government—Republican whatever is Goooodddd.

    Democrat Obamacare, Democrat Amenesty for illegals, and Democrat tax increases, Democrat Common Core, and Democrat Big Government—Democrat whatever is Baaadddd.

    And the Republican Governor loves to promote Democrats to all sorts of boards. This is a good thing that we should work hard to elect Republicans to support the Democrat’s agenda.

    1. There is little difference between a Big Government Democrat (which is essentially the entire party) and a Big Government Republican (a small part of the voter base, but way too large a part of our elected officials).

  3. Ah, the Left shoved ObamaCare through with 51 votes, if you can use the budget reconciliation to pass it, you can use it to repeal it. Once the election is over, the new premiums will be announced, re-enrollment numbers will drop as people find they cannot afford the high deductible plans…the worst parts of ObamaCare have been delayed to get through the elections.

    McConnell will nip at the edges but keep most of the bad law. The bill is not fixable.

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