#ncpol: Are you forgetting something?

voteIf you are a legal resident of the US, over 18, with a clean criminal record, and properly registered, you have an important task on your to-do list today. (If you’ve already handled it, NEVER MIND.)  You need to vote – -especially if you are a Haymaker fan.  (If you are not, there are better things out there to do with your time.)

We have published candidate recommendations on the left side column of this page.  Check them out.  If you see any of these names on your ballot, please vote for them.  If you are a fan of this site, you can’t go wrong with supporting ANY of those folks. 

You may be turned off by your choices for US Senate or US House.  But there are key legislative and judicial races out there.  There is a proposed constitutional amendment that needs to be SHOT DOWN.  There are also a lot of local races out thmmmmere that need your attention.  Don’t blow off the important task of voting just because you aren’t wowed by Kay, Thom or Sean.  

The idiots in the drive-by media are busy covering this election like they cover the ACC or the NFL.  Who will take the top spot in the conference? Who will be Senate majority leader?  Vote for the people more likely to get the government off your case and out of your life.  

Your job is not done today.  You need to keep the heat on these people you’ve blessed with your vote to ensure they DO what they said they would DO. We’re going to keep staying on their cases. But we SURE could use some more help.

Get out and VOTE.  But not just for the R and the D.  Vote FOR your state.  Vote for the future of our country.  Vote FOR the future of your children and grandchildren.

9 thoughts on “#ncpol: Are you forgetting something?

  1. Just being a legal resident of North Carolina is not enough to vote. You must also be a citizen and be registered to vote. The courts have approved the legislature’s elimination of the fraud-inducing same day registration.

    But the point is well taken. Every registered conservative voter needs to vote today. Vote for the solid conservative candidates in each race, and if you cannot identify one in a particular race, then leave it blank. Undervotes also send a message, as do write-ins. Staying home does not.

  2. If my precinct is any indication, it will be a bad night for Republicans. My voting site has three entrances and there was a Democrat with voting information at each entrance. No Republican was in sight. And this is a Republican-leaning precinct. Obviously, there is no Republican ground game. Perhaps this is just Tillis-fatigue, but in any event heads need to roll at NC GOP Headquarters if we lose this election.

  3. If Tillis pulls off an upset tonight, it’s testament to how weak a candidate Hagan turned out to be.

    It looks like he could end up with about as many (or possibly fewer) votes than Burr did on the last go round. The Libertarian will crack 100,000 votes in a non-presidential year, plus over 5,000 write-ins on the side for others.

  4. Tillis’ win is a devastating blow to the Tea Party, Moral Monday and the NCAE.

    Rumor has it that the three groups will join forces going forward to 2016. I hear that the new name will be the Monday Tea Association.

    Rev. Barber will be the President and Kay will be Sec-Treas. The symbol for the MTA (Monday Tea Association) will be a fruitcake. Meetings will be held the 6th Tuesday of each month at the I77 toll booth.

    Who’d ever thunk things would have turned out the way they did?

    1. He won 49% of the vote, far from devastating, it showed both were weak candidates. Tillis should have won in a blowout.

      1. A good candidate running a competent campaign would have won in a blowout, and helped pull in our appellate court ticket with him. Concentration on trying to salvage the Senate race cost us those court races. The fact that Tillis staggered over the finish line is more a testament to Hagan’s weaknesses and the strength of the national wave than it was to Tillis or his inept campaign. It was dislike of Obama, not like for Tillis that in the end motivated enough Republicans to go vote.

        1. Agreed. Did you get any mailers from the state GOP about the judges? How many posts on Facebook or Twitter did you see about the judges? How many emails did you get? I know folks who had to practically BEG and REMIND staffers at the state party to post links to the judges’ websites on the NCGOP Facebook page.

  5. The NC GOP and local parties were asleep at the wheel on the judicial races. The liberals were well-organized. We see what happened. Some heads need to roll because of the judicial train wreck. Was there no one assigned to handle these races? Paul Newby had the perfect organization in place last election and he won decisively. What on earth happened this time? If this is not a wake-up call, I don’t know what is. Democrats have already proven at the federal level that they prefer to rule by judicial fiat anyhow.

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