Not just an election, but a restraining order.

yayIt is absolutely amazing how many people have reacted to the recently completed elections in the same fashion as they would to athletic events.  Yay, Blue Devils! Yay, Panthers! Yay, Thom!

The recently completed campaigns were so devoid of substantive content that they honestly became comparable to ACC football or basketball skirmishes.  It was all about who gets bragging rights, rather than who has the plan to get us out of the mess we’re in. 

I find myself in agreement with Erick Erickson and Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday’s vote.  It was NOT about how much we love Thom Tillis or want Mitch McConnell to get a new office and a new title.  The polls all across the nation indicate that people were sending a message to Barack Hussein Obama.  

We did it, as well, in 2010, and got a whole lot of excuses about how Harry Reid won’t let anything happen.  Now, THAT excuse is gone. 

Tuesday evening, Tillis admitted that he knew a lot of his support came from people voting AGAINST Obama.  He then went on to talk about wanting to be bipartisan and work with the Democrats and the president.  (Did you hear what Rush said, Thom?) watch like hawk

The new GOP majority likely has two good years before things really get tough.  The electoral map for the Senate looks a lot less friendly in 2016.  There will be a competitive presidential across the country AND a competitive gubernatorial race here. (Enjoy those car and pizza and retail ads while  you can.  It won’t be long before the Super PACs kick back into gear.)

I didn’t hear ANYBODY saying, on their way to the polls,  ”I want a new senator so he can work with Obama some more.” People want so much gridlock that not one more iota of the Obama agenda can see daylight.  They want this mess that has killed economic growth, slowed hiring, and is in the process of destroying the world’s greatest healthcare delivery system REVERSED POST-HASTE

A lot of people, I think, believed that voting Republican saved the nation.  Arguably, it simply reduced the speed of this out-of-control truck, with bad brakes and headed toward the cliff, from 110 mph to about 85.

In 2010, we patted ourselves on the back after election day and went back to our business.  This time, we need to keep the heat on these people to make sure they live up to their promises and act in the best interests of the country — instead of their political careers.

We’re not going anywhere.  And neither should you.




6 thoughts on “Not just an election, but a restraining order.

  1. Now that you have wrung out your crying towel and you are back at it with your band of miscreants, Tillis is a freshman and will do what he is told by leadership.There is no working with Obama and they know that.But they are too smart to walk into media traps.They know they need to turn the economy around and fast.They know they need to stop immigration legalization.They know the mess that Obama has made of health care and the middle east.If handled the way you would suggest then 2016 would see a wave election for the democrats and the end of this country as we know it.You and your little horde are nothing more than a bull in a china shop.

  2. The key is the expectations of the electorate, and the voters who sent the message did it purely to stop the Obama train wreck. They did not respond to a GOP message because there was no GOP message. They responded to wanting to end the Obama nightmare.

    It is lucky for the GOP that voters were so forgiving this time, as there has been a lot of disappointment at our weak and vacillating ”leadership” in DC. But the party has been given one more chance to get it right, and hopefully they will do so. I wince at the thought of surrender monkeys like Boehner and McConnell in positions of power, but maybe both with grow backbones and a set of ‘nads, which both of them seek to lack now.

    The voters who gave them the majority do not want sellouts or cave ins or ”working across the aisle” or ”bipartisanship” or whatever the leftwing media tells them to do. They want action on critical issues facing the country.

    If I were in their shoes, I would start with the Keystone Pipeline, an issue where enough Democrats can be brought on board to override any Obama veto, and one which the polls show the Democrats are very out of step with America.

    As to newly elected freshmen, I am much more impressed by those who are fired up to do battle with Obama. Congressman elect Ken Buck of Colorado had a particularly forceful speech election night about going to DC prepared for battle. Unfortunately, it is no longer up on the local media site or I would post a link. Tillis, by comparison gave the sort of wimpy speech one would expect of him.

  3. I worked at the polls everyday of the election and the voters with which I spoke consistently mentioned the president more than any other candidate…and he wasn’t on the ballot. I think that should tell us that fellow Americans are sick of the rhetoric that comes from this administration. They are tired or being called haters and racists just because they want a future for their children and grandchildren. If the GOP doesn’t listen they will pay a huge price.

  4. A friend provided a link to the “Watching” image here. It is telling, and well done. A small change to show “The Rest Of The Picture” might be useful. I’m guessing the rest of the picture includes a talon full of Democrats, and the Prez obliviously playing golf in the background.

  5. I voted for Tillis but have ZERO confidence in him. He is just another RINO. McConnell already started paving the way for “Cooperation”. SO MUCH BS!!! I am confident that our NC reps with the exception of Walter B Jones can’t wait to reach across the aisle. Mr McCain is already concillatory to Obama. Please contact Mr Burr, Mr Tillis and whoever your representative is and ask that they NOT elect McConnell or (gag) Boehner to positions of power.
    I totally dislike Democrats but for the most part the elected Republicans give and support the Democrats. I have great fear that things will be status quo in DC unless we the people make sure our voices are heard loud and clear.

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