#ncga: So, how’d that going-to-jail-with-Rev.-Fatass thing work out for you?

jailbuttThe drive-bys salivated over every word that poured out of Bill Barber’s lips.  He was going to make the extreme right-wingers on Jones Street pay, and that was JUST FINE by them.  We got told that the extreme agenda of the Republican majority was going to DOOM Thom Tillis and everybody else with an R next to their name.

Lesbian Unitarian preachers, UNC faculty, and the Woodstock alumni association took to the streets in force to support their rotund jheri-curled hero. Every move made, every word spoken, was dutifully reported to the sheep reading their morning papers and watching the evening news.  They were all primed to make MLK proud and lead the people in sticking it to Lyndon Baines McCrory and “Bull” Tillis.

But then the election happened.  The smoke cleared.  Record-setting turnout.  The House Republicans had suffered a net loss of three seats.  The Senate Republicans who were the — we were told — really extreme part of the Jones Street equation ADDED ONE MEMBER. 

But, but, but OVERREACH! Extreme right-wing agenda !!!!

The Republicans STILL have a veto-proof supermajority.  They’re still in charge.  And Pat McCrory better get ready for two more years of re-education.  (*Yes sir, Mr. Berger.*) barbershrug

So, what did all of those lefties get for their trouble?  An inside look at the Wake County jail? A sneak peek at shower room romance? Lessons in bartering with cigarettes?   A misdemeanor offense added to their record? Let’s not forget the most important thing — two more years of — Dunh Dunh Dunh —  ”the conservative revolution.”

Keep marching with the big guy. Keep going to jail. Before you know it, you will have weirded out the people of North Carolina so much that they send General Assembly Democrats the way of the dodo bird.  


13 thoughts on “#ncga: So, how’d that going-to-jail-with-Rev.-Fatass thing work out for you?

  1. The Moral Monday protestors, one of whom was Rev. Barber, shined a needed light on what the NC State government was doing. The Moral Monday protests have a lot to be proud of because of it. That there was not a groundswell of blowback in the gerrymandered districts is far from a surprise. We do have the Governor and Tillis talking now about Medicaid expansion, we do have Lesbian and Gay marriage, we have some sort of raise for teachers (not enough and too many were laid off), we have people aware of how Duke Energy is using the legislature to ream the rate payers over the coal ash spill, we have Planned Parenthood centers still open and caring for women’s health, we have much more awareness of wage disparity in our state, and much more. We have people involved in correcting things that need correcting in our state and awareness of issues that is usually not achieved.
    If having an awareness of issues is such a threat to the Right then the Right has forgotten what it is to be an American.
    I know I will be called all sorts of names and that really does not bother me. The author of the piece above could not resist saying hurtful things about the Reverend who is just a part of the Moral Monday movement. It just shows how threatened the Right feels even with their not unexpected gains on Tuesday.

    1. There is nothing Moral about Rev. Barber or his protest movement, which is really just hyperbole that he has inflated to the point it can be seen from space and is really just a campaign about politics dreamed up by Blueprint NC.

      Both Moral Monday and the good reverend are full of crap. Period.

  2. The moral Monday crowd is a disgrace to our state. They are just there to make noise and if they don’t make enough noise then they try to get arrested to raise the volume. Much of what they demand is to increase government programs or play class warfare. There are much more productive ways to improve our state. I remember when Obama was re-elected in 2012 the mantra of the liberals on the left was “we won, get over it.”

  3. Doesn’t matter what McCrory or Tillis think about Medicaid, ‘gay marriage’ was imposed from Without, and Republicans dislike PP because it’s a Donkey money laundering operation, but they’re willing to tolerate it because, let’s face it–PP exterminates an overwhelming predominance of future Democrats.

    Nobody cares about coal ash or the minimum wage.

    Sometimes the smothering stupidity of leftists makes me sad.

  4. If Barber is on your side, or if you somehow find yourself actually following “his” lead… those are solid indications you might want to re-evaluate your position.:)

    The dude is a simple racist agitator sideshow, who gets way more attention than he deserves.

    I disagreed with almost all their protest points and positions, and much of the time, regardless of the issue, his rhetoric was overblown half-truth, misguided buffoonery.

  5. Barber is a disgrace to the clergy of NC. He is a racist, profane, ignorant Democrat. Hard to believe that Jim Hunt, Hagan, and Roy Cooper worship him. What idiots.

    1. This collection of sideshow freaks and Marxist radicals were the main public face of Blueprint, a devious scheme to smear the GOP legislature that was organized before the legislature even went into session. The plan stated they wanted to ”eviscerate” the legislature before they even knew what it was going to do. The leftie groups behind Blueprint had all had money taken away from them by the previous GOP legislative session, money they should never have been given in the first place but money that a Democrat legislature had given to its political allies. It was never really about principle with these guys; it was that they were in a snit about losing taxpayer funding they should never have gotten in the first place.

      Moron Monday has proved a bust.

  6. Most of you here just take all this much too serious.The Rev Barber in my mind, is the reincarnation of that great Amos n Andy character,Algonquin J. Calhoun.He played a lawyer of shady credentials.Sit back and enjoy the show,It beats anything on TV by a mile.It is truly a a variety and minstrel show all in one.The cast of characters could only come from the great novelist Tom Wolfe.Who can forget the “Flex Cuff Fourteen”.And the Rev Rubye.Why this hasn’t been signed up as a comedy show I don’t know because it is a sure hit with this cast of characters.

  7. This reminds me of “Kingfish” explaining neurons to Andy on the show: “Well, ya see Andy, there are protons, neurons, and morons.” Barber is not only the star of a Democrat minstrel show, but also its moron in chief. Keep the tape running.

  8. Barber is a paid puppet. Trained and paid well by the center for American progress (and others) who have an agenda that is not progress at all. They are well trained to exploit and manipulate persons considered victoms of society to sway their votes. He is another puppet believing thendoctrine of progressive movement funded by George Soros., not the bible. Barber is disconnected from reality and has no foundation in the Word of God. He abuses the bible for what his bosses tel him to do. Everyone I know discredits him immediately.

  9. Wow. Way to stick it to ’em. I’ve never been a fan of the billy barber bunch (aka the morale moondays). They’re astroturf plain and simple. That doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be exposed and countered. I imagine that a coalition of constitutional groups could do so if properly coordinated. JMHO.

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