#ncga: So, how’d that going-to-jail-with-Rev.-Fatass thing work out for you?

jailbuttThe drive-bys salivated over every word that poured out of Bill Barber’s lips.  He was going to make the extreme right-wingers on Jones Street pay, and that was JUST FINE by them.  We got told that the extreme agenda of the Republican majority was going to DOOM Thom Tillis and everybody else with an R next to their name.

Lesbian Unitarian preachers, UNC faculty, and the Woodstock alumni association took to the streets in force to support their rotund jheri-curled hero. Every move made, every word spoken, was dutifully reported to the sheep reading their morning papers and watching the evening news.  They were all primed to make MLK proud and lead the people in sticking it to Lyndon Baines McCrory and “Bull” Tillis.

But then the election happened.  The smoke cleared.  Record-setting turnout.  The House Republicans had suffered a net loss of three seats.  The Senate Republicans who were the — we were told — really extreme part of the Jones Street equation ADDED ONE MEMBER. 

But, but, but OVERREACH! Extreme right-wing agenda !!!!

The Republicans STILL have a veto-proof supermajority.  They’re still in charge.  And Pat McCrory better get ready for two more years of re-education.  (*Yes sir, Mr. Berger.*) barbershrug

So, what did all of those lefties get for their trouble?  An inside look at the Wake County jail? A sneak peek at shower room romance? Lessons in bartering with cigarettes?   A misdemeanor offense added to their record? Let’s not forget the most important thing — two more years of — Dunh Dunh Dunh —  ”the conservative revolution.”

Keep marching with the big guy. Keep going to jail. Before you know it, you will have weirded out the people of North Carolina so much that they send General Assembly Democrats the way of the dodo bird.