Think the state’s public education status quo needs shaking up? Then say ‘Hello’ to Michele Morrow.

Catherine Truitt has made the McCrory-Tillis wing of the North Carolina Republican Party proud.  The allegedly Republican superintendent of the state’s Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has spent the last four years catering to the radical left and their social experimentation in our state’s classrooms.  Under Truitt, radical nuttiness like DEI and CRT has taken precedence over the 3 Rs and other important education and training our students need to stay competitive in this 21st century economy.

Parents and other sensible, rational taxpayers are basically told to sit down, shut up, and keep forking over their hard-earned cash.  Wake County resident Michele Morrow is one parent and taxpayer who has no intentions of sitting down and shutting up.  She has stepped forward to challenge Truitt in this year’s GOP primary for state schools superintendent.  Morrow has gained some acclaim and notoriety in social media circles for her critiques of the public education establishment.  She’s been speaking her mind, and leftists hate her guts for it.  In an era where colleges are forced to spend more money teaching remedial math and English to their first-year students, it’s become pretty clear that some new thinking about public education is desperately needed.

Michele Morrow is speaking January 18th in Moore County, and will likely be hitting other locales across the state in the near future.  Check out her website.  Take time to hear her in person.  The superintendent election typically doesn’t get much coverage in election years.  But this year, we appear to honestly have a chance to elect someone who gives a damn about what those of us outside the Raleigh beltline think.