Dale Folwell launches first ad of the 2024 GOP gubernatorial race

It appears Dale Folwell, North Carolina’s state treasurer, has decided to see and raise the ante in his gubernatorial primary fight against Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson and attorney Bill Graham.

The political establishment and the drive-by media have been ready for months to declare the state’s scandal-plagued lieutenant governor as THE GOP nominee for governor.  Attorney Bill Graham – heavily backed by US senator Thom Tilli$ and consultant Paul Shumaker – has already hit the airwaves with some soft, mostly-biographical ads.  Folwell’s first advertisement is set to launch on select cable outlets across the state and on various social media platforms.

The ad portrays Dale Folwell as a “less talk, more action” kind of guy whose record of accomplishments speaks for itself.  Folwell won praise all around for his success in saving the state’s unemployment insurance program from insolvency and collapse.  His management of the state health plan and state retirement plan during his tenure as treasurer has resulted in lower costs and better service for state employees and retirees.

The ad traces Dale Folwell‘s life story from his time as a teen working his way through school as a garbage man and motorcycle mechanic to support his family and pay for college. Upon graduation, Folwell built a successful financial management career and started a family.  He served his community as a member of the local school board and as a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives.  For nearly eight years, he’s served the people of North Carolina as their treasurer.

GOP and unaffiliated voters will have a chance to choose between Dale Folwell, Mark Robinson, or Bill Graham for governor on March 5.