Michele Morrow launches first ad for 2024 state schools superintendent GOP primary

In her nascent rookie campaign for statewide office, Republican Michele Morrow appears to be offering herself as a serious, credible grassroots conservative option for voters frustrated with the radical left’s stranglehold on North Carolina’s public education system. 

In the video, Michele Morrow – a parent, former educator, and nurse – appears to cite her priorities as (1) refocusing state education toward more traditional subject matter that will actually help students be competitive in a 21st century economy, and (2) aggressively extracting DEI and CRT from school curriculum.

In the March 5 primary, Morrow will be challenging incumbent Catherine Truitt, a registered Republican who has mostly embraced leftists and their agenda during her time heading the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Truitt has packed her staff with left-wing ideologues and thumbed her nose at critics seeking honest reforms in public education. One of Truitt’s top aides is the wife of Governor Roy Cooper’s top education adviser.   

Truitt and her team have also been staunch defenders of DEI and CRT, leftist indoctrination programs that downplay the legendary 3 Rs and the concept of merit, while elevating racial division and outright discrimination.  Truitt and DPI are currently dealing with a lawsuit filed by an instructor at the Governor’s School reportedly fired for criticizing DEI and CRT.