“Phil, is that YOU?”

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson and his entourage have been shedding a lot of crocodile tears lately about the, um, “establishment” being “out to get them.”

Never mind that the Robinson campaign is chock full of bona-fide top-drawer Raleigh establishment figures.  (Senator Phil Berger, Dr. Casino himself, has installed his top political guru at the center of the Robinson campaign.)   With Speaker Timmy departing for $$ greener $$ and griftier pastures in DC,  Berger has solidified his role as the boss of all things political in N.C.

Berger runs Raleigh.  You don’t get more “establishment” than him.

Amid some of the more recent whining from Team Robinson about “the establishment,” the following document was brought to my attention:

Robinson talks a good game at all of those church sermons / political rallies.  One would think he’d been fighting for conservatism in Raleigh 24-7 since arriving in Raleigh in 2020.  Yet, it has been just the opposite.  Robinson has blown off many of his few job duties while jetting all over the country on speaking and fundraising ventures (plus a bit of vacationing).

Anyone familiar with the happenings at the General Assembly can tell you Robinson has been a non-factor in most all of the debates there.  He stayed out of the way and kept silent while Timmy and Phil partook in their cronyism and grew government. (Remember, Robinson waited until after Timmy & Phil’s casinos were declared DOA before coming out against them.)

The arrangement has worked well during Robinson’s short tenure as LTG.  Why not a Sgt. Schultz-style (I-see-nothing!) governor for at least the next four years? A governor actually sticking his nose in legislative business would oh-so cramp Uncle Phil’s, um, “style.”

Phil and his cronies have things arranged so that – if all the pieces fall in place in March and November as expected – they will control a majority of the officeholders (and their votes) on The Council of State.

Wake up and take action before it’s too late and you’re all locked out of the building, forced to helplessly watch the grift through the windows from the outside.