Trump pick for NC-06 congressional primary backed to the hilt by Raleigh ‘swamp creatures’

I don’t know WHO exactly Donald Trump is listening to about North Carolina politics, but he’s getting a lot of horrible advice.  There was the decision to endorse Thom Tillis for reelection.  There was the decision to endorse Mike Whatley for reelection as NCGOP chairman. There was the decision to endorse our ethically-challenged lieutenant governor in the on-going GOP primary for governor.  There was his 2022 decision to endorse Bo Hines –  a very young man with little to no work or life experience – for NC-13’s US House seat. Now, in 2024, Trump has pulled another head scratcher — endorsing another very young man with nothing but political swamp experience for the 6th congressional district.

 Addison McDowell, a political aide and lobbyist (as well as brother to a well-known Raleigh lobbyist) , has received  the former – and possibly future – president’s blessing.  (The endorsement came even before McDowell had announced for the race.)

It’s turning into quite a head-scratcher to hear all this rhetoric from Team Trump about taking it TO the political swamp and Deep State and then seeing many of those same folks getting elevated and blessed by Team Trump.

Right now, Trump’s biggest headache on the road to reelection – Nikki Haley – is where she is thanks to Trump elevating her to the post of UN ambassador.

Just take a look at this invite for a January 30 McDowell fundraiser:

This is a Who’s-Who of Raleigh lobbyists, General Assembly leadership groupies, and other NCGOPe hangers-on.  Many of the names shown here have been at the forefront of the effort to kill conservative proposals and expand government.  Many of these same people were in the Marco Rubio camp when Trump first ran in 2016. (It’s HARD to detect an honest-to-goodness conservative in the crowd.)

It’s tough to work so hard to work for a worthy goal – like a Trump presidency — and see so many non-conservatives reap so many of the rewards.

During Trump 2.0, conservatives need to get a better grip on the staffing / endorsement process.  Some bad decisions during v. 1.0. unfortunately helped hamstring some important aspects of the MAGA agenda.