A gun-rights rebellion in Robinson-Land?

That’s what it looks like from here.  We’re starting to notice a pattern — early, passionate, high-profile supporters of Lt. Governor Mark Robinson are defecting from Team MKR.  We saw it earlier with former congressman Mark Walker — who received praise in Robinson’s 2022 memoir but had become a Robinson critic by 2023.  Now, it appears we’re seeing trouble brewing between Robinson and one of the two guys who helped orchestrate the speech before the Greensboro City Council that paved his way to statewide and national political stardom. 

People involved in the state’s gun-rights movement, or simply state politics in general, are surely familiar with Andy Stevens.  Until recently, Andy was vice president for operations for Grassroots NC (GRNC) and state director of Gun Owners of America.  Both groups have been key players in Second Amendment debates inside and outside of government in North Carolina.

In his 2022 memoir, Robinson specifically called out GRNC and two guys with the organization — likely Andy Stevens and Paul Vallone — for their work in getting him in front of the Greensboro council  to make his famous speech, and for getting the video of said speech circulated on social media.  Robinson’s speech before the city council was arguably the catalyst for his political success thus far.

Ever since the GOP gubernatorial primary field was set, Stevens put himself out there as a staunch Robinson supporter.  

Fast forward to this week, where THIS showed up in Stevens’s Twitter (X) feed:

Ooooooo-kay.  Sounds like trouble in paradise, huh?

That posting got me curious.  Rumors started circulating.  I dug around and came up with THIS from GRNC’s political arm:

Wow.  “Vote AGAINST Bill Graham” ???  

Again, this is the group that engineered the launch of Robinson’s political career.  They got him to where he IS right now. And ALL they can muster is “Don’t vote for the slip-and-fall Thom-Tillis-loving ambulance-chaser”?

To top it all off, HERE is Stevens in his own words about the drama at GRNC regarding the GOP primary for governor:

Let’s recap. Mark Walker and his team spoke of a perceived double-cross by Robinson.  Sources in that camp claim Robinson promised Walker an endorsement for US Senate, but surprised everyone at the last minute with an endorsement of Ted Budd. 

And now here we have what appears to be another double-cross of a devoted long-term Robinson ally.  It seems like the rest of you still with Team MKR need to ask yourselves:  “How long until we get a knife shoved in our backs?”