McHenry, McCarthy accelerate our country’s trip down the drain.

Imagine that your spouse has maxed out TEN credit cards, and is attempting to sign up for ONE more.  There’s absolutely no discussion about cutting expenses or paying off that massive accrued debt.  Most of us would label that kind of behavior as insanity.

But that is merely Business-As-Usual for the “honorables” we send to DC every two, four, or six years.   They feel no pressure to actually cut spending.  Their only focus is to SPEND MORE. When they hit the credit limit, that is when they alert the media and start scaring us with this “debt ceiling crisis” talk. It’s not just Democrats doing it. Most Republicans are in on the scam, too.

In case you didn’t realize it, our nation is buried under more debt than can possibly be repaid in a generation.  In a private residence or a private business, there would at least be some serious attempts to cut operating expenses in order to get that debt under control.

In DC, they view spending as a way to buy job security.  Most of them couldn’t land or hold a real job out in the real world.  We keep voting for them, as long as the checks keep coming.

The “debt ceiling crisis” reporting focuses mainly on scaring the hell out of veterans and retired folks — claiming that they won’t get the monthly payments they count on. THAT is complete and utter bullcrap.

Both national parties have wrecked our economy to such an extent that our currency actually isn’t worth much more than the paper it’s printed on. Foreigners are recognizing that, and are moving away from the US dollar — which has been the standard for international business forever.

Our last best hope in DC is the House Freedom Caucus.  Its members held the House’s feet to the fire during the election for speaker.  They got roasted for their efforts, but got some constructive concessions.  Kevin McCarthy got his post, and began at least saying some things we wanted to hear.

It wasn’t long until the “debt ceiling crisis” reared its head again.  McCarthy sounded like he was going to get tough with Joe Biden, but appointed our very own Patrick McHenry to lead the House negotiators. It’s amazing that there has to be negotiations over the idea of living within one’s means. 

McHenry is, for lack of a cleaner and better word, a dolt.  He’s never held a real job. He’s apparently really good at the art of shuck-and-jive, shaking people down for cash and conning them into voting for him.  McHenry claims the insufferable Maxine Waters as his BFF in DC.  McCarthy made him Banking Committee chairman.  Just days before the last bank collapse, McHenry was in one of the now-deceased banks’ NYC boardrooms shaking them down for cash.

McHenry has regularly, year in and year out, been one of the — if not THE – most liberal Republicans in North Carolina’s delegation to Capitol Hill.  He follows close behind the GOP leadership in DC, apparently without an iota of concern about what the folks back home want. *Hey, getting wined and dined and PAID is a lot of fun.  If you have to wreck the country in the process, well, so be it.*

One of our last best hopes in DC is congressman Dan Bishop.  Dan is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, and was instrumental in extracting conservative concessions from McCarthy at the beginning of the year.   Congressman Bishop is the only one we’ve sent to DC who apparently has the guts to speak up for the little people back home: