NCGOPe watering down / censoring resolutions, protecting Tillis

The Whatley cabal is going to the mat to defend our senior US senator.  More than half of the state’s county GOP organizations have censured Thom Tillis for his chronic betrayal of the GOP’s platform and base.  In response, Whatley cancels district conventions to avoid giving the growing chorus of irate Tillis critics a platform.

Over the last several months, party leadership has pulled off parliamentary tricks to keep activists from voicing their criticisms of Tillis’ treachery and betrayal.

At a recent campaign stop in Alamance County, NCGOP chairman Michael Whatley could be heard saying – in response to a question about Tillis speaking at the state convention – “We don’t expect him to be there.”

I don’t think I’d show up either if I knew more then half the audience was itching to boo me off the stage and out of the meeting room.

We’ve obtained a copy of the report by the NCGOP’s “Resolutions Committee.”

You don’t have to read past the committee chairman’s report on the first page to determine what’s really going on here.  The Whatley cabal is talking up the idea of minimizing “controversy” for the sake of party unity.   In fact, they are softening the censure language, removing any mention of Tillis, and blowing off any incidents of actual disloyalty that may have already occurred.

Since WHEN has one man’s reputation been so much more important than the party’s reputation and future?   Why is Tillis so damn important to these people?  Under Dallas Woodhouse-Robin Hayes – Michael Whatley, the NCGOP has fallen into third place among registered North Carolina voters.  I’d certainly say those are grounds for a shake-up.  Not turning a blind eye to the repeated misdeeds of [a] certain chronic bad actor[s]. 

There is a “party disloyalty” resolution in the committee’s report.  It’s pretty weak, and promises to give any future offenders a stern talking-to if anybody spots any party disloyalty in the foreseeable future.

Let’s practice a little democracy.  Tillis needs to be discussed and dealt with.  You can’t hide him from the party base forever.  This routine of clearing the primary field for Tillis, and then telling general election voters “Hey, he’s better than a Democrat” isn’t going to work much more.  Hopefully, he can be persuaded to man-up enough to face his accusers head-on and explain himself. 

There are way too many people in party leadership who believe we need to tie ourselves up like pretzels to appeal to liberals and moderates and independents and puppies. Actually, we need a principled and credible message that unites our base and which can be sold to folks not yet in the conservative or Republican fold.  Walking the walk AND talking the talk.

(The base has grown by leaps and bounds since the 1970s and 80s and 90s.  You know, with those renowned squishy moderates like John East, Jesse Helms, and Lauch Faircloth.)

These people calling the shots from Raleigh and Charlotte are almost begging for a storming of the Bastille moment.  Fundraising is lagging. So is registration.  We went backwards  in the congressional delegation. Our alleged “wave” in 2022 became a trickle.  “Our folks” on Jones Street are being applauded by Governor Doofus for expanding Medicaid, of all things. 

The Democrats had a revolt in their party.  How much stumbling, bumbling, betrayal and outright lying must we continue to tolerate?