Another “win” for The Woke

This time it’s at my alma mater George Washington University in Washington, DC.  Despite the work of the local fascist street hordes, GW has managed to remain one of the nation’s top institutions of higher learning.

Recently, some of the little darlings enrolled there took to the streets to protest the arming of campus security. Remember – DC has been, for some time, the nation’s Murder Capital.  The genius protesters apparently don’t mind foregoing a professional, armed campus police force  and continuing to risk their lives and taking chances with unarmed campus cops.

The university has named a professorship in honor of the long-missing union leader Jimmy Hoffa.

For some time, local leftists have been trying to strip The Father Of Our Country’s name from the school.  *Slaveowner. Misogynist.  You know the drill.*

According to the official history of the university, President Washington promoted the idea of a “national” university during and after his time in office.  He left money in his will to be used toward forming the school.  So, the place has a lot of history.

The school was chartered by an act of Congress in 1821 — nearly a quarter century after President Washington’s passing.

The fascist hordes have had little luck in removing Washington’s name.  They’ve encouraged the school to de-emphasize the president’s name by referring to the school as “GW” in marketing materials, on athletic uniforms, and on fan and alumni paraphernalia.

The strategy went as far as replacing Washington’s head-shot profile on fan and alumni paraphernalia with a cartoon HIPPO.  The lefties even hired a guy in a hippo costume to roam around the stands at home basketball games. 

A new front opened in this war. The school’s athletic teams have been known as “The Colonials” since 1926.  Boston Celtics icon “Red” Auerbach played for and coached the school’s basketball team. (During his tenure at the Celtics, he was a regular fixture in the stands at home basketball games.) 

The hordes suddenly came to the conclusion, after nearly a century, that “Colonials” is ‘racist’ and a reminder of ‘systemic oppression’ our nation has inflicted upon many parts of the world.  Never mind that the name “colonials” was given to the American rebels by the British military attempting to put down the revolt. The Americans were, at the time, trying to throw out their colonial masters and assert their independence.  (Sounds like something the leftists ought to appreciate.)

Around 2018, the leftists got the school to cave on changing the team name. Some really ridiculous ideas were proposed. ‘The Blue Fog’ was one of the finalists.  (Thank goodness they didn’t go that route.)

“The Revolutionaries” is apparently the name that won out.  

The lefties managed to browbeat the school into throwing out a nearly-century old tradition.  This ought to give them courage to resume the fight against President Washington.  I’ve heard one — apparently serious — proposal to rename the school for Crispus Attucks.  Attucks was a black man in Boston regarded as the first American casualty of the American Revolution.  He was part of the historical event known as “The Boston Massacre” — where some British redcoats shot and killed some American men who had been taunting them and pelting them with snowballs.

Why stop there?  Why not Marion Barry?  The former DC councilman and mayor who got caught in a hotel room smoking crack with a hooker?  Marion Barry University. 

On June 2,  the world-famous Fort Bragg will change its name to “Fort Liberty.”  The base was named for a Confederate general from North Carolina in 1923.  So, a century of tradition gets tossed aside for the sake of soothing leftist feelings.

Many of us among the GW alumni ranks know how you Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins fans feel. 

Censoring and stomping out history has been a popular tactic by tyrants throughout history.  The Taliban.  The Bolsheviks. The Maoists.  

Some parts of history ARE unpleasant.  But history is there to be learned from — the good, the bad, the ugly.  The whole truth, and nothing but.