Ted Budd a NO on debt ceiling bill

I don’t know how much good it will do, but we now know HALF of our US Senate delegation is against this latest effort to raise the debt ceiling.  Here’s Ted Budd:

[…] Throughout this process, I have said that we should only raise the debt ceiling if we fix Washington’s spending addiction. Unfortunately, this bill fails to do that. The bill normalizes pandemic-era spending levels, greenlights trillions more, and retains the vast majority of President Biden’s IRS expansion. While I respect Speaker McCarthy’s efforts to force President Biden to the negotiating table, this final product does not fundamentally alter our country’s disastrous fiscal path.

I’m glad he’s voting the correct way.  But he needs to understand there are NO acceptable circumstances under which the debt ceiling should be raised. As-is, our debt is already unmanageable.

All of this talk about “not being able to pay bills” is bullcrap.  Our government is printing money at record rates.  We’ve got the inflation to prove it.

The only way we default is if someone in power in DC says: “I’m not signing the check.

This is really all about fiscal responsibility. We have a bunch of crooks and cowards in DC who are too gutless to make the tough decisions we sent them there to make.  It’s a shame that — out of the sixteen elected officials we sent up there — only Dan Bishop and Ted Budd had the guts to do the right thing. 

In my house and yours, we make decisions on cutting non-essential spending so we can pay for essentials. Neither party in either the legislative or executive branch is proposing or passing the kind of serious cuts we need to right this ship.