Mark Robinson: Harvey Weinstein and his “so-called sexual crimes”

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson has taken some heat for some of his statements on social media.  He and his wife caught some heat for unpaid property taxes in Guilford County.  Some serious questions have been raised about the enterprise, run by his wife Yolanda, that he describes as “the family business.”

Now, a new video has surfaced featuring Robinson on-camera delivering a monologue about independent-minded people being targeted by the left for “so-called sex crimes.”  One of the independent-minded people he cites?  Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein, as many of you know, is a former Hollywood producer convicted in New York and Los Angeles for multiple sex assaults of women over a 16 year period. 

News reports detailed testimony of Weinstein’s chauffeur, who said he regularly had to console distraught, tearful young women as they left private meetings with Weinstein.

In the video we found, Robinson cites the tactics of the late Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.  Robinson claims Stalin created a “climate of fear” by cracking down on some select powerful people in his society.  The crackdown on the elite, Robinson says,  was meant to instill fear in the less-powerful living within Stalin’s domain.

On the video, Robinson cites Weinstein, former NBC anchor Matt Lauer, and Bill Cosby as examples of elite people cracked down on by the political left.

Lauer was a liberally-biased news anchor.  He carried water for the political left every morning on NBC.

Weinstein was a major player in leftist and Democrat politics.  He was close friends with Bill and Hillary Clinton. He donated a lot of money to left-wing political candidates and causes.  Reports indicate that Weinstein had donated more than $750,000 to Democrat politicians and causes since 1991. 

Weinstein was awfully good to the political left.

Instead of painting these guys as victims, could it simply be possible that guys like Weinstein got so drunk with power that they thought they could do ANYTHING without ANY repercussions?  And things spun waaaaaaaaaay out of control?

I don’t think any of the three Robinson cites in the video are worthy enough to be thrown into the same category with, say, Lech Walesa, Vaclav Havel or Alexander Solzhenitsyn.