Just FIVE votes short of killing the debt ceiling raise in the Senate

That makes Traitorous Thom Tillis’ YES vote even tougher to tolerate. Just 36 of the 100 senators — including our own Ted Budd — had the courage to step up and say  HELL NO.  (Forty-one NO votes would have stopped this travesty dead.)

As we’ve said before, all of this talk about DEFAULT is 100 percent bullcrap.  So is the alleged threat on veterans and retirement benefits.

Money is printed nearly non-stop.  We have the inflation to prove it.  The only way we would default on our financial obligations would be for someone in power to say: “No, I’m not writing the check.”

And THAT won’t happen.

We’re already headed for a major national economic disaster.  Stopping this travesty MIGHT have softened the coming blow a little.

The debt ceiling legislation caps defense spending, even though debt service payments and social welfare payments are our two biggest bills every year. (I won’t go as far as to say there is no waste in the military.  It has a money-wasting bureaucracy just like all other areas of the federal government.  But there are other areas that deserve belt-tightening much more.)

This bill even raises the debt limit HIGHER than what Biden originally asked for!

Back to Traitorous Thom.  Will Michael Whatley give him another award for his YES vote here?  Voting YES on the debt ceiling IS party disloyalty.  It flies in the face of the platform. Running up massive debt is bad for my and your household.  It’s just as bad for our communities, our states, and our country.

Oh, there will be plenty of people to still cheer Thom on.  You’ll find them mostly at the NCGOP convention and at various NCGOP functions.  Those people claim they are all about ‘growing’ the Republican Party.  Well, what would be your selling points?  The party has endorsed growing government bigger (Medicaid expansion), running up even more unmanageable debt, and the radical gay agenda.

The Democrats offer the SAME thing!  Except they never never never move to the right or ‘cross the aisle.’ They wait for GOP weaselly tail-tuckers (like Tilli$$$) to come running to them.

Want to send a message about this nonsense?  Send Tillis’ boy Whatley packing at the NCGOP convention.  After all, Traitorous Thom put him in the job.  Show TT an example of what’s waiting for him if he’s stupid enough to run for reelection (or anything else).