NCGOPe gives Traitorous Thom an AWARD!

He’s been censured by more than half of the state’s county-level Republican organizations.  He’s racked up one of the more consistently liberal voting records in the North Carolina congressional delegation AND the US Senate Republican caucus.  A PAC he controls loaded up on stolen money to finance a primary challenge from the left against a conservative Republican US House member. He sabotaged Donald Trump’s border wall efforts at every turn. He’s sold out conservatives on gay marriage, illegal immigration, and the 2nd Amendment.  Yet, beleaguered state GOP chairman Michael Whatley and his tight-knit cabal of RINOs felt senator Thom Tillis was worthy of an award at the NCGOP’s recent Hall of Fame festivities.

One can understand why Whatley and his crew would work so hard to prop up Tillis.  The senator and his dear sweet Susie are responsible for Whatley being where he is today.  While Tillis and his crew continue with their leftist coup attempt within the NCGOP, Whatley is working hard to build a wall of falsehoods and exaggerations to protect himself from a growing grassroots groundswell. 

The Republican National Committee awarded Whatley a no-show, do-nothing job within its ranks.  (Kinda like his post in Raleigh.) Chairman Ronna Romney — Traitorous Mitt’s favorite niece — is regularly praising Whatley.  Never mind that party fundraising has cratered during the Whatley era.  Never mind that the state party seriously underperformed in a year (2022) that everyone expected to be a runaway Republican romp.  Never mind that the state party paid a whole lot of lip service, but did very little, about election integrity.  Complaints about election irregularities from outside the Raleigh beltline often fell on deaf ears at the Hillsborough Street HQ.  To thank sweet Ronna for her “help,” Whatley has allowed the NCGOP to basically become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the RNC.

Anyone closely watching the Timmy & Phil show on Jones Street, and the NCGOPe antics over on Hillsborough Street, can plainly see that conservatism and conservatives are held in utter contempt by the powers-that-be in the party.  They want your cash and your votes.  But they don’t want to hear anything you may have to say in between elections. 

Whatley & co. are doing cartwheels — bending a rule here, and one there — to run interference and protect Tillis from grassroots outrage. The same is being done to try and save Whatley’s job from an aggressive challenge being mounted by activist and businessman John Kane.

This year we have a tremendous opportunity to express our displeasure with how things have been going.  Conservatism put the GOP on top in Raleigh, and now the ingrates there are trying hard to kick it to the curb.  Sending Michael Whatley packing in June is a good first step.