Two things Raleigh Republicans SHOULD be doing

One:  Texas state government is launching an investigation into reported child gender-affirming care at a state-funded hospital.  Granted, the pervs currently control the NC AG’s office and the state DOJ.  But the alleged conservative majority in the NC General Assembly has all kinds of investigative power at its disposal.  Let’s get to it, folks.

Two:  Virginia Republicans are pushing for an investigation into DEI at state colleges and universities and its effects on the cost of running said campuses.

We clearly have a DEI problem in this state, as well.  By executive order, Gov. Doofus has created commissions charged with infecting all aspects of state government with the evil known as DEI. I can only imagine that the General Assembly has the power to defund those Cooper-inspired efforts.  I’m also sure that executive orders on stuff like that are not immune to legislative action.  This stuff is crippling our education system, our economy, and our society.  Let’s get cracking.