Thilli$$$: ‘We don’t need no steenkin’ wall.’ (Everything is working JUST FINE.)

Our junior US senator was Tucker Carlson’s victim Monday night.  And the Fox host sat there for most of the segment in utter disbelief — like we often do at this site — at the utter bullshit and nonsense pouring out of this charlatan’s mouth.

Carlson introduced Tillis as opposing the wall, which the senator quickly, um, “corrected”:

“I don’t oppose the wall. I oppose putting a 30-foot structure on top of a 30,000 foot steep cliff.  I oppose taking down two fences separated by an all-weather road that border patrol patrols in California that’s working.

 I oppose things that people on the ground think are not in their best interests and those are the folks that go out and put on the bullet proof vests every day and actually have to protect the border, who tell me the wall in certain places makes sense but intelligence, reconnaissance and other resources make sense elsewhere […] 

What’s “working” in California?   Here’s an immigration official from just last year saying we might as well surrender on guarding the border.  Here’s something about border patrol agents enthusiastically backing Trump during last year’s campaign.  You know, when he was promising to build a wall. 

I have seen stories about the flow across the border slowing down in recent weeks.  It’s being attributed to the tough new tone out of DC and the promise of a wall.

In the interview, Tillis shrugs off Tucker’s point that people in North Carolina and across the country voted for the wall.  (And that Trump got one million more votes in North Carolina than Tillis did.)

Here’s Tillis verbatim:

[…] “But what sense would it be to take down a structure that’s working for something that people on the ground say wouldn’t?”[…] 

WHO thinks our border security is working well?  All of those people in the Chamber and Farm Bureau who put these people to work over here?  The drug and human traffickers?  WHO? 

Tucker asked Tillis WHY it make sense to block Trump from doing something he campaigned on, and voters appeared to approve in November.  Tillis came back with how he could live with a wall on certain parts of the border.  (Again, he said California is working just fine.  Never mind that the state is a hellhole and practically a province of Mexico as-is.) :

[“Put the wall] where the geography and the migration patterns make sense.”[…]

Carlson asked Tillis if he favored NO WALL on the California border with Mexico.

Tillis: “The fence is working.The problem we have there is something a wall won’t fix and that’s tunnels.[…]”

Tillis said a huge point for him against building the wall is that it would be hard for our lawmen to see what the drug dealers on the Mexican side were doing. *Seriously.*

Watch the video for yourselves.  I know, it will be painful.  But take a good look at what you elected.  And what you’re stuck with for at least two more years.  (Unless he gets himself elected governor in 2020.)

This guy is such a prostitute for the Chamber and Farm Bureau.  He’s fighting this wall on their behalf.  Those two deep-pocketed interests thrive off of cheap Latin American labor.    Those groups have shelled out big for ThomT, and he’s going to pay them back at our expense. 

I honestly believe that if someone had paid him to vote AGAINST Neil Gorsuch, he would have done it.

Of course, Tillis denies Tucker’s assertion that he is FOR amnesty.  (Never mind that Thilli$$$ called for it in The Wall Street Journal.) 

Thilli$$$ winds up by touting his work on E-verify as House speaker in Raleigh.  (Never mind that he worked on behalf of The Chamber and The Farm Bureau to water it down.)