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Tucker Carlson: Richard Burr must resign, face prosecution

  Another powerful voice on the right is expressing disdain and disgust with our senior US senator:   Thursday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson called on Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) to resign after reports show he sold off hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock…

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Thilli$$$: ‘We don’t need no steenkin’ wall.’ (Everything is working JUST FINE.)

Our junior US senator was Tucker Carlson’s victim Monday night.  And the Fox host sat there for most of the segment in utter disbelief — like we often do at this site — at the utter bullshit and nonsense pouring out of this charlatan’s mouth….

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The Left mocks who they fear the most

Rush Limbaugh instructs his listeners often to pay attention to whom the alleged mainstream media is mocking and attacking the most viciously.  “That, my friends, is who they fear the most,” The Great One tells us. Texas governor Rick Perry appears to be the bogeyman…