Further evisceration of the attack on Tucker Carlson

The John Locke Foundation and their fellow travelers in the elitist pinky-in-the-air political establishment have been all over Tucker Carlson for daring to try to shed some truth on the January 6 scam.

John Locke put some foreign guy on local TV to suggest that Speaker McCarthy would have made things more credible regarding the January 6 tapes of the incident at The US Capitol if he had given tapes to everybodynot just Tucker.

Really?  The drive-by allegedly mainstream media had TWO YEARS under Nancy Pelosi to demand more tape. None of them wanted it.  They liked helping to push this ‘insurgency’ crap against Donald Trump and his conservative followers.

Neither John Locke nor any of the rest of the political establishment would be talking about January 6 right now, if it had not been for Tucker Carlson.  Let’s look at some other big stories John Locke and the drive-by media refuse to cover:

Child mutilation at government-funded NC hospitals. Other than this blog and The Education First Alliance blog, I don’t know of anyone else publicizing the fact that our tax dollars are being used to market sex change operations to children as young as four years old.

It’s advertised on the hospital and university web sites as plain as day.  So, they can’t justify their inaction as skepticism over ”extreme conservative sources.”  Is the political establishment actually condoning and supporting sex changes for four year olds financed by tax dollars?

Stolen FTX money.  National media has been all over this.  This cryptocurrency exchange based in The Bahamas apparently stole a bunch of their investors’ money and dumped it on a bunch of political campaigns.  It appears roughly half of our state’s delegation to DC got some of this ill-gotten cash.  It’s been made clear the money is stolen. It’s been made clear that authorities want the money back. None of our affected pols are saying a word.

Where is the coverage?  Where is the outrage?

Pfizer and The Veritas tape.  James O’Keefe got an earth-shaking monster scoop purporting to show the Big Pharma giant may have been manipulating the COVID virus behind the scenes to increase their profits at the expense of our and our loved ones’ health.  North Carolina media has been deathly silent.  Pfizer has a huge presence in North Carolina.  I see Pfizer ads on all of the major in-state news programs. So, there clearly is some advertising leverage.  But where is the outrage? Where is the interest in the people’s right to know?  Does your advertising department trump our right to know and our personal safety?

Beth Wood’s crash.  There was a whole lot of excitement when the initial reports came out about the state auditor crashing a state car in Raleigh while en route to (or from) a Christmas party.  Since then, she’s hired a PR firm and the story has gone quiet.  Video has gone public showing two men standing at the crashed car, while two other women hustle Wood into a nearby office.  Who were those people?  Were they obstructing justice and protecting Wood from a potential DWI / DUI charge? Does ANYONE in the media have any interest in IDing the people in the video around Wood or around her car?  Apparently not. 

Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.  Likewise, don’t try to tell me then political establishment will give us all the truth about January 6 and ensure justice is obtained for all.

The establishment has been lying to us for decades.  They’d still be getting away with it, if it were not for the Internet, this site, Tucker Carlson, and many other brave souls out there across the country and around the world.